Winter in Vermont Begins in Thailand

Kay and I have distilled down from over a thousand photos to give you a glimpse into one of the most fascinating places on earth. The first twelve or more photos are below with more spectacular photos on the Pond Mountain Inn website – make sure not to miss the second page!  You'll find the direct link here or by clicking on either one of our "Beach Jumping Photos below" .
Chao Phraya River • Bangkok Thailand

Photo taken from ICONSIAM, a sensational mixed-use destination combining the best retail, entertainment and hospitality. It's the most incredible "mall" we've ever seen!

Overlooking the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, the first hotel built in Thailand in 1876, and farther down are two Shangri-La hotels – the Peninsula is nearby offering ferry service up and down the river.
Neighborhood Market Near Kay's House

Imagine visiting this bustling outdoor market every day picking up the next day’s fresh fruit, peeled, segmented and ready to eat, with dinner options that range in price from .70¢ to a few dollars are so abundant and diverse it’s difficult to have the same thing twice!
Villa 360 Resort • Phi Phi Island 

The morning view from our hillside bungalow balcony perched high above Andaman Sea overlooking distant islands and passing boats is nothing short of paradise…
Andaman Sea Island Hopping
Sho Gun Japanese Restaurant • Bangkok, Thailand

Sho Gun is located diagonally across from the American Embassy is the best Japanese food in Bangkok!!
   Ton Sai Bay • Phi Phi Island

A sometimes rugged ninety-minute hike with mountain top views of Ton Sai Bay from Villa 360 Resort took us past three breathtaking observation points at varying elevations that offered dramatic views of the town!  
Our foot-journey to Ton Sai Bay took us past several once inhabited huts like this where a tiny community “prospered” with passing hikers.
Our high-speed ferry back to Phuket offered more incredible views of uninhabited islands! 
Bangkok’s Floating Market is 120 kilometers from the city and is a great touristy thing to experience. This lady served us from her boat to ours as we "dined" on her delicious deep-fried chicken. 
Most seasoned-travelers would avoid visiting an elephant theme show and crocodile farm, but not us! Just great touristy fun...
Durian – The King of Fruits
 If you’re sensitive to foul smells you should avoid reading any further. Durian has the most pungent, putrid smell so repulsive it’s almost indescribable... 

Mangosteen – Queen of the Fruits

The texture of this white segmented fruit is delicate and the taste is sweet yet tangy. Not as juicy as, let’s say an Asian mango, nor as sweet, but is certainly much more aromatic. And, there’s an art to extracting the fruit from inside the firm outer-shell – it only takes dozen or so attempts to become proficient. 

Merry Christmas and Belated Happy Hanukkah
Happy New Year !!
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