Thank you for shopping with us!
It is so great to see so many of our loyal customers and also plenty of new faces too! We really appreciate your support of our small local business – we realize that you do have choices. We hope that we are providing you with the excellent customer service that you have come to expect and that you are more than happy with your plants! Please tell your friends about us, and follow us on Facebook.
A few reasons to shop locally (with us!):
Local economic stimulus: When you purchase at locally owned businesses rather than nationally owned ones, more money is kept in the community since locally owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses. Here at the farm, we use local companies for much of our plant material, as well as printing, web design, t- shirts, furnace maintenance, porta potty rental, propane and newspaper advertising to name just a few others. Purchasing locally helps grow other businesses as well as the local tax base.

Non profits receive greater support: Local business owners donate more to local charities, fundraisers and events than non local owners. We are happy to support many organizations. We are still running our hanging basket challenge – the contest ends on Sunday June 2nd, so stop by and vote before then! Help us reach our goal of $1000, all to be donated to charity!

Unique businesses create character and prosperity: The unique character of our local community is defined partly by the businesses that operate within it, which in turn plays a big part in our overall satisfaction with where we live and the value of our home and property.

Most new jobs are created by local businesses: Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. Plus the more jobs we have in our local community, the less people have to commute, meaning less traffic and pollution, less use of fossil fuels and lower costs for employees to travel to work.
Your Custom Containers are Ready!
If you have taken advantage of our custom container planting service, your planters are ready to be picked up anytime! They look fabulous!

Voting Extended to Sunday June 2nd
2019 Hanging Basket Challenge Fundraiser
Which basket will be our 2019 Champion?
This year, due to the late spring and colder than usual weather, we have decided to extend the voting another week to Sunday June 2nd. All votes are a chance to win a basket, with proceeds being donated to a charity that the designer of the winning basket will select.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. All eight baskets are colourful combinations that will flourish all season long. Two baskets are suited for shade or part shade and the other six will thrive in sun or part sun. Even if you have already voted, please do so again - baskets are growing and changing by the day!
Sweet Potato Vine Solar Tower Lime
First of its kind! 
Most customers are familiar with the popular trailing varieties of Sweet Potato Vine. They are one of our standard annual varieties here at the farm and we use them a lot in mixed planters and baskets. Due to some exciting recent breeding work, we are now able to grow the first ever Climbing Sweet Potato Vine, a brand new variety called Solar Tower Lime.

We have trialled it in individual pots and also in planters, both as a stand alone variety or with other plants. I am very impressed with this plant! Try Solar Tower as a centre piece in a container, and surround with mounding and trailing plants. In the ground, it will climb a fence, trellis or post and provide bright, tropical inspired foliage right up to frost. As the name suggests, Solar Tower loves the sun and heat, so just plant in full sun and watch it grow!
True blue for spring!
Brunnera or Siberian Bugloss is one of my favourite all time perennials. It is fairly uncommon and deserves to be planted a lot more than it is! It is a reliable, easy care perennial and once established will pop up year after year. Low clumps of heart shaped leaves grow to about 12" tall and wide and produce upright, airy sprays of true blue forget-me-not type flowers. One of the great features of this plant is that it will grow in a variety of conditions, from full shade, part shade to full sun, although I find it does do better in a little shade.

It flowers from May to July, although the foliage mounds look great all year. Brunnera comes either with plain green foliage or in variegated forms - such as Jack Frost, shown in the photo. The variegated types are really stunning, with green and silver patterned foliage - ensure you plant them at the front of the bed where they will be seen. Plant in groups of 3 or more for the best effect. 
Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens
Barnyard Gold
Looks like earth, works like mulch!
All soils, plants and soil life benefit from the regular addition of 'food' or organic matter. Results in the garden, whether flowers or veggies can be vastly improved. However, the thought of digging in compost or manure can be a little overwhelming for some. If your garden could use a bit of a kick start, why not check out our Barnyard Gold mulch? It is conveniently packaged in bags and therefore easy to distribute around the garden.

Originally named 'Nincompoop', this mulch is all natural, made of composted chicken manure and sterilized to kill weed seeds. Because of the high organic content, it provides great food for worms and holds plenty of precious moisture. It breaks down in one growing season to rich black earth, adding nutrients to the soil. Barnyard Gold can be used in all types of gardens. In the veggie garden, spread between rows to keep weeds out, then till in the following growing season. You will have gorgeous nutrient rich black earth to start next year off. In the flower garden, spread it between shrubs, perennials and annuals to keep out weeds and build up the soil. As with other mulches, it should be laid on about 3-4" thick. Try a few bags this year and watch your garden thrive!
Unique 'Weekender' Hanging Baskets
Saves water and time!
Have you seen our unique and innovative 'Weekenders' yet? These baskets measure 16" in diameter and are made of durable, tasteful black plastic. In the bottom of the basket is a large water holding reservoir and a wick system which draws moisture up into the plant roots. Watering is only required every 3 to 4 days and less water is used compared to a traditional basket, as less is wasted.

After each watering, just top up the reservoir full of water / fertilizer mix and you'll be good for another few days. This basket is perfect for people who go away a lot or who just want less work outside. In the fall, we will contact you to discuss replanting for next year and your basket can then be in our custom container planting program, being returned to us for redesign and planting each year. We have grown 2 different stunning designs which really are at their best now! 
Grow Amazing Tomatoes
There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh tomato picked straight from your garden on a hot summer’s day in August – cherry, beefsteak, plum or heritage varieties in shades of red, yellow or green – they are all so juicy and flavourful and so much better than the supermarket selection!

We are lucky here in southern Ontario to have a great climate for growing tomatoes outdoors and with such a huge selection of varieties, there is sure to be a tomato to suit every taste! Follow these tips to grow amazing tomatoes in containers or in the ground this season.
2019 Opening Times
We’re open daily, April 26 to June 16
9am to 5pm
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Gift certificates available – great idea for your favourite gardener!
See us at the Creemore Farmers Market, Saturday mornings from May 18 to June 15
Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you so much for your continued business and support – it is our pleasure to be growing for you!

Katie Dawson
Cut and Dried Flower Farm