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April E-Newsletter

Faith, Hope, and Love in Chin State
On March 8, we began the two day journey from Yangon to Chin State, a remote region in northwest Myanmar, to respond to multiple invitations to speak, teach, and minister in two cities deep in the mountains. We took two flights to travel the 1000 kilometers to Kalaymyo, and then set out early the next morning to wind our way up and deep into the Chin Hills. Driving five hours, we stopped first in Falam (for two days). On Sunday, we continued on to Hakha, the capital of Chin State (for nine days).

Once again, God's working and blessing exceeded our expectations. Just in terms of numbers, approximately 3000 people turned out to hear the Gospel and words of encouragement in three different contexts. 
1. Chin Christian Institute of Theology (CCIT), in Falam, where I delivered t he Charge to the Graduates  on March 10 .
2. Zion Baptist Church , where I preached on "Why Forgiveness?" to the largest church in Hakha.
3. Chin Christian University (CCU), also in Hakha, where I delivered the Charge to the Graduates on the topic, "What is Your Vision?"

Chin Christian Institute of Theology (Falam, Chin State)

On Monday, during the week between the two graduation services, CCU asked me to deliver a lecture on the Spirit-Led Leader to 80 of their students.

Special Lecture for CCU Students (Hakha)

In the afternoon, 17 enthusiastic and eager CCU faculty members gathered for a workshop on Powerful Pedagogy. So many faculty members are serving faithfully in numerous Christian colleges and seminaries throughout Myanmar, but most lack opportunity to develop their academic or professional expertise unless outsiders come in to offer special workshops like this one. 

CCU President, Henry Siang Kung, speaking during faculty workshop (Hakha)

Alongside the many opportunities to speak, preach, and teach at the schools and churches, the primary reason Faith, Hope, and Love was invited to come to Chin State was to conduct a Spirit-Led Leader workshop for the pastors of the Hakha Baptist Association. For four days (30 hours of teaching), more than 45 pastors learned leadership practices and spiritual principles designed to strengthen their relationships with God and to enhance their abilities to serve as pastors and Spirit-led leaders in their churches. 

If I were to try to relay all the sincere, enthusiastic, joy-filled words of appreciation we heard, I would have to write several pages. Here, let me share just a few comments that were written directly on the evaluation forms. The testimonies of the pastors tell the story of God's working and why we are so committed to taking this teaching and training wherever God opens the door in Myanmar and elsewhere. 

In answer to the question, "How did God touch your life in this workshop?" pastors' comments included the following:
"I received Jesus is my savior. But I didn't receive him as my Lord. This workshop helped me to know that Jesus is not only our savior but also our Lord."
"I deeply feel the love of God and acceptance through the expression of the father's love upon his own child."
"After I learned this workshop, God show me His love through Jesus, especially. Without the Holy Spirit leading in my life, I know I can't do anything."
"God touched my life in a way that brought me the things that I have never known before about spiritual leadership."

In response to the question, "How did this workshop inform and strengthen your spiritual life?" pastors said:
"It strengthened me to stop trying to do by myself (my own strength) but I understand that I should open and empty my mind so that the Holy Spirit can fill and work in me."
"Ministry is not about me. It is about God. It is not about me trying harder or doing more. It is more about letting God works through us."
"[This teaching] makes me realize that my mind was empty, i.e., depending on myself, but I realize [now that what] I need most is the Holy Spirit's guidance."
"[My leadership] will be different totally. I will rely more on the Holy Spirit and will be a good listener."

Perhaps the comment that touched me the most was from a pastor who wrote to us after the workshop. He said, " [This workshop] provided me with the spiritual strength that I have always longed for as a spiritual leader." His experience expresses well why Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries exists. The need for teaching and encouraging pastors is real. The demand is global.

Our joy is greater than words can describe at all that God is doing through our ministries. Please continue to pray and support our Christian leadership development programs in Myanmar and other underdeveloped countries. They are urgently needed, and greatly appreciated by those we are serving. Thank you.
Serving Christ with you,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister
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Tim's Sermon Series on Saying Yes to God at NLIF

On March 4th Tim preached on "Be More God-Confident!" You can listen to this most recent sermon as well his other three sermons in this series preached at New Life International Fellowship (Yangon, Myanmar). Just tap on the link below!

Graduation Charge! 

Tim had the honor of delivering the Charge to Graduates at two different Christian schools in Myanmar this March. The first was to the students at Chin Christian Institute of Theology (CCIT) in Falam, Chin State, on March 10th. 

The second opportunity was to the graduates at Chin Christian University (CCU) in Hakha, Chin State, on March 18th. 

Tim's Testimony

Tim shared a testimony to about 45 pastors in Hakha at the Spirit-Led Leader workshop on March 14th. Flow the link below to listen to his story he shared with them all. 


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