Amazing Miracles and Great Harvest of Souls!
April 12th, 2016

Dear friend and partner,
We have a lot happening with Revival Explosion Ministries at the moment. Jesus is moving mightily across the nations and there is a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blowing!

As many of you know, we took a team of people to Fortaleza, Brazil  coming from Finland , Norway, and the US in March.  The team worked in such strong unity and we could see an amazing harvest of souls coming to Jesus as well as incredible signs and wonders as the Gospel of the Kingdom was preached! We ministered at a conference, local churches, and also did outreaches to the poor at a slum and at a rehab place for drug addicts. I am telling you, it was pretty amazing seeing miracles in the middle of the streets as we did a spontaneous outreach:  Hundreds flocked from the neighborhood to see what was happening as the lame was walking, the deaf was hearing, etc right in front of their eyes. So many came to Christ after the altar call was made that day! We also fed 100 families with food baskets for an entire month, gave away toys for kids and loved on the community.  

A remarkable moment of this trip happened when a coalition of Apostles and Ministers of the state of Ceara(my home state) came together to acknowledge  and ordain me(Hermes Falcao Jr.) and my parents(Hermes and Maria Falcao) as Apostles sent to the nations. I believe any ordination is the acknowledgement of men towards what God is doing in someone's life and we praise God for that!
Following that we went to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and  then to a mountain in Ceara. In both places we experienced incredible signs and wonders! 
In the last meeting done in Brazil in the mountains we witnessed the Lord heal 11 deaf people(many of whom had been born deaf) and 4 blind healed in one meeting alone.  People were running towards the platform saying they had been healed of all kinds of disease! The testimonies were so many it was hard to keep up track! Demons were coming out of people, children were being baptized in the Holy Ghost, and the presence of the Lord was thick! In that meeting many more came to Jesus as the altar call for salvation was proclaimed. 

Right after Brazil we came to Minister in Washington DC at Abundant Love Christian Fellowship. It was supposed to be 2 days of ministry but it became 3. The Lord again moved with signs, wonders, and miracles and a fresh anointing was released. We strongly feel a mighty wave of the miraculous!! I personally believe we are in a season of great outpouring in the body of Christ for those who have been standing in the position to see a great move of God.  This is your time! Many more people have joined our Online School and we are truly equipping a generation to walk in the supernatural!

I am going to leave you with some pictures and testimonies! Of course that represents just a small fraction of what happened, only so you can have some idea. Even this week we still received yet another testimony even verified by doctors of a tumor that disappeared out of a girl's body. We got the report of the before and after!

Please pray for us as we are going on a tour this week to Finland, Belarus, Norway, and Spain. We believe God is going to mark these places with His fire and many lives will never be the same! We appreciate your intercession and prayer on behalf of this ministry.

Check the pictures out and see some testimonies!
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Apostolic Commissioning for Hermes Falcao Jr., Hermes & Maria Falcao

This lady in the middle(above) was paralyzed. She was brought in the outreach carried by people and sat in a chair. She was so poor she only had a stick and no wheel chair. She was also deaf on both ears. As she was prayed for, she got up walked on her own in front of everyone who knew her in the neighborhood! Her deaf ears popped open, and best of all: she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. 

Our team got to preach the Gospel openly at a slum in Fortaleza. Hundreds of people came by to hear. So many saved, special work with kids, donations, love, miracles. It was truly amazing seeing the Lord move in the streets! 

Lady born completely deaf out of the left ear receives perfect hearing!! 

"Anointing and Miracles" Conference in Brasilia, Brazil was amazing! So many people saved and lots of great miracles!

WATCH the video above by clicking on it. Man was 100% blind on the left eye and received perfect sight in Jesus name!

Fire & Miracles Conference in Fortaleza, Brazil

Boy comes to testify 2 big lumps disappeared from under his arm during the preaching of the message in Brasilia, Brazil

Altars were always packed with people coming to receive JESUS! 

Deaf ear opened in Washington DC

Even little children were touched in Brazil!

 A member of our team from Finland loving on the poor at a slum in Brazil.

A student from our Online School from Finland praying for people. 

Part of our team in Fortaleza, Brazil

Ministry to the kids

Team Ministering at a Drug Rehab House. Many came to Jesus!

Watch this miracle testimony in Finland
Watch this miracle testimony in Finland

Many donations were done to the poor community in the outreach! Thanks to all who sowed towards this!


We are truly thankful to all who sow faithfully to this ministry. Without you none of this would be possible. We know God has raised you up to be part of this harvest of souls in the nations and the equipping of the body of Christ to do the works of Jesus.
We want to encourage everyone to sow a special seed this month towards our tour in Europe. As I said previously, we are reaching 4 nations including some new ones! Give as the Lord touches your heart! Every seed is producing much fruit as you can see!

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Thanks again for making a difference!


Hermes Falcao Jr.