Oops!!!  We forgot some unveilings in the last post. 

463 E. Chicago - GPA unveiling
The house was later foreclosed upon and was rehabbed nicely with the NSP program.

467 Division - unveiled by Habitat for Humanity
The Gifford Park Association donated the materials for the porch frieze, balustrade and the window hoods.  Dan Miller made them as a volunteer. Scott Savel installed the new window hoods as a volunteer.

162 S. Gifford

359 Park
This is how the home originally looked
 This is what it looked like with asphalt siding on it. Elgin Academy owned it and rented it to two of their teachers. All of the fancy work on the porches had been ripped off.  
 Elgin Academy unveiled the house and found it was too expensive to put the details back that were missing so they sold it to Jim and Terry Koko who changed it back to single family and brought back a lot of the exterior as shown below.
 Steve Stroud at the Historical Society found an old picture(shown above) which was the guide to duplicating the original porch details.  The picture and a grant from the city was the inspiration that current owners Tom and Moe Lee needed to restore and paint the exterior.  The missing stained glass windows are being replaced this year.  
 The home was on the housewalk twice and was the belle of the ball in 2016.  If you would like to learn more about it, click here.




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