We Save Lives is so lucky to have wonderful volunteers who care both about the 3D issues and making a difference. And they do it on behalf of We Save Lives! We are primarily a volunteer organization so, when you contribute, your money goes into our efforts to promote solution driven policies and programs that save lives by changing dangerous driving choices. It is past the time when we acknowledge the work they have done and although it would take ten newsletters to highlight them all, we would like to start with a few.
Board of Directors
I have personally known Cindy since my early days at MADD when she and her business partner at the time put together the Tang March Across America for MADD, one of the most successful cause related campaigns during that time. She has remained a friend and couldn't wait to help out with We Save Lives. She attends meetings when possible, provides resources, gives of her time and expertise when needed and does it because she cares. We are fortunate she is on our team.

Cindy Shreibman
I could not be more impressed with all this young lady has accomplished in her short lifetime especially since her father was killed by a drugged impaired driver. She is a mother, a victim advocate and a soon to be law student. Yet, she still takes time to advocate on our behalf in California on our anti drugged driving legislation, speak out on the issue of drugged driving and will throw in a graphic or two when I ask. She continues to inspire me to be a better activist.

Speaker Advocate
Darryl is a volunteer for the same reason I started the anti- drunk driving movement. He faced a personal tragedy when his son Chase was killed in an impaired driving crime. His book: A Life Half Lived - A True Story of Love, Addiction, Tragedy and Hope is about his son's life. Darryl not only is one of our speakers but he also heads up our newly organized Speaker's Bureau. High schoolers love him and he is always willing to go the extra mile for this cause.

Alexis Ortiz
Alexis is a remarkable young woman who joined us after her friend was killed in a drunk driving crime. She organized an amazing concert and fundraising event for us at her school where hundreds of young people signed the Courage to Intervene Pledge. She is now on her way to college and armed with the pledge and other information about the 3D's. She is more than willing to convince her peers that dangerous driving choices are just that - dangerous. Alexis is the youngest member of our team and we are excited she is a volunteer for We Save Lives.

Paula's passion for victim advocacy can be seen through the emails she sends about victims and survivors she helps during the adjudication process on our behalf. She has worked with numerous drunk driving victims over the years and is now working on her first distracted driving case. In this tragedy, a young girl, 10 years old was killed, and another young girl injured. Her next case will involve a murder charge for a driver who killed someone while driving under the influence of marijuana. We are very fortunate she joined our team.

Paula Myers
These amazing and talented individuals all work for Y & R, the Miami Bravo Office, and are responsible for our:
  • New website design
  • Our posters
  • Our anti distracted driving videos 
  • Our lifesaving video "Reflections From Inside" about a young man convicted of killing a police officer while drunk 
  • The "Weed Advisor", the first anti drugged driving video produced in this country (if there were others we couldn't find them)
They do not want us to honor them publicly but without their timely and volunteer intervention we would not have what many consider the most effective anti- drunk driving campaign ever launched. Reflections From Inside has been seen by more than 108 million people around the world including countries I never heard of. Jason, Maryam, Fed and Claudio do it because they care. We are so grateful that they do. They help save lives in every sense.

We have so many more we would like to thank and our ranks continue to grow. We will continue to acknowledge and thank those who give of their time and energy so that others may live. They make us who we are and through their efforts they help keep you and your family safe.