September 2015
How Amazon Acquisition Will Change Video Market

Amazon Web Services buying video-encoding youngster, Elemental Technologies, may not seem like a big deal, but we think it's a sign of things to come as the video delivery business is about to experience even more changes. Where there's an IP connection, there's going to be video. Learn how this emerging video paradigm is set to turn video distribution business models on their heads.
4K/UHD Content: Not Ready for Prime Time
While price decreases are spurring 4K/UHD TV households to grow past the most eager "early adopter" households, there are still only a small handful of commercial deployments for 4K/UHD program delivery. Find out what three factors could influence the number of 4K/UHD-capable households.
Merger Mania: Blockbuster Moves Shape TV Market   
In an era of cord-cutting and OTT delivery, the pay TV market has become increasingly competitive and volatile. Two recent mergers underscore how fast changing the market is today. Learn how the AT&T/DirecTV and Technicolor/Cisco unions could shape the future of pay TV.

Are You Ready?
In today's evolving digital TV industry, continual change is about the only sure thing. New technologies, evolving distribution channels and unexpected acquisitions and partnerships are shaping a new digital TV ecosystem. DTC can help you understand the impact of these factors and, most importantly, what they mean for your bottom line. Our market intelligence provides you with the information you need to navigate - and even pave - new paths for success.
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