February 14th, 2019
Despite an attractive incentive package in a giant heart-shaped box topped with a bow, our friends at Amazon officially broke up with the Big Apple today, cancelling plans to build an “HQ2” NYC campus. It appears the previously offered Indianapolis package remains in the circular file … after all, Virginia is for lovers and needs all the help it can get right now. Meanwhile, speaking of hearts and darts, what’s happening at the state and local government level that impacts your business?
A Valentine Cocktail. We like to call it The Assembly … One-part seltzer, one-part alcohol of your choice and squeeze of lemon. That reminds us a little of the latest update on the so called “omnibus alcohol bill” (that sounds bubbly like seltzer!) that covered several issues including increasing the number of alcohol permits. This bill -- House Bill 1518 – passed out of committee yesterday. What’s the lemon? Well, communities are going to have to foot the bill for referenda on which residents will vote on so-called “entertainment revitalization areas” that will allow for more alcohol permits beyond the census guidelines. We believe controlling the number of restaurants and bars selling liquor is the purview of communities and their zoning laws, not the state’s. Meanwhile, if you want to stick an umbrella in The Assembly … the portion of the bill that attempted to mandate store display placement of alcohol was removed. Cheers!
A Cherry on Top . It looks like Senate Bill 12 establishing hate crimes legislation will receive a hearing in the next few days. Please keep your eyes open for the update and links to contact your legislators. Now is the time to get this done with the largest coalition ever backing the bill’s passage, from Indiana Forward and Indiana Competes to United Way and major businesses. 
Meanwhile, North of 96 th Street . Next Tuesday evening’s Carmel City Council Agenda promises a second reading establishing a Planned Unit Development District at the site of Justin Moffett’s proposed “The Overlook” subdivision, located just east of Keystone on Smokey Row Road, although the proposal remains in the Land Use and Special Studies committee. Is it just us, or is this taking an inordinately long time? Moffett requested a change from R-1 residential zoning to a PUD district last summer that would clear the way for 103 single family homes and 134 multifamily units of for-sale condominiums or townhouses. Neighbors of the proposed development have voiced concerns about increased traffic.