Volume 1 | Issue 5 | March 22, 2019
In a World Where You Can be Anything...
Choose to be Kind
Our Ambassadors are moving past awareness and encouraging others to build communities that embrace and accept individuals and families with autism.
10 Simple Awareness Activities
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Talking Point - Start the Conversation
Encourage and Demonstrate Kindness

If you see a parent or caregiver with a child or adult with autism who is acting out, instead of staring or walking away, ask “Can I help?” Offer to let that family move ahead of you in a grocery store line or to help find their waiter in case they need to exit a restaurant.

You can be a role model for others and help alleviate a stressful situation. Use this talking point to start a conversation>>
Upcoming Events
April 5
Paramus, NJ
April 6
Bridgewater, NJ
April 13
Moorestown, NJ
April 28
Fanwood, NJ
Shine a Light on Autism
April 30
Livingston, NJ
May 4
Parlin, NJ
May 5
Washington, NJ
June 8
Lincroft, NJ
Keep us informed, post, or send in your photos! We can’t wait to hear what you have in store to make this April an outstanding Autism Awareness Month!

Thank you for making a commitment to CHOOSE KINDNESS!

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