Volume 1 | Issue 4 | March 8, 2019
Order Your Awareness T-shirt for World Autism Day
World Autism Day is April 2. Show your support for New Jersey’s autism community by wearing a Choose Kindness t-shirt.  Order by March 15 !
Ambassador Spotlight: Byram Township Schools
Every year Byram School district CHOOSES KINDNESS by coming together in April and dressing down for autism awareness. We can’t wait to see your 2019 CHOOSE KINDNESS photo this year! Host a dress down day>>
Enter our Kid-Friendly Contests
We welcome you to participate in one of our Ambassador contests . Winners will receive recognition on Autism New Jersey’s website, social media, and be featured in our 2020 Ambassador Program materials.
Bookmark Contest
Students K – 6th Grade are invited to submit a bookmark design to appear on 30,000 bookmarks for our 2020 Ambassador Program. 
Sibling Essay Contest
Sibling Connections are so important. Siblings in grades K through 12th are invited to enter the 2019 Sibling Essay Contest.
12 Things I Let My Son with Autism Do...
...that Most Parents of Typical Kids Wouldn’t Allow

Frank Campagna, or Autism Daddy is a dad of a son with severe/classic nonverbal autism and epilepsy. He writes in a humorous way about life as an autism parent.

Upcoming Events
April 13
Moorestown, NJ
April 28
Fanwood, NJ
Shine a Light on Autism
April 30
Livingston, NJ
May 4
Parlin, NJ
June 8
Lincroft, NJ
Keep us informed, post, or send in your photos! We can’t wait to hear what you have in store to make this April an outstanding Autism Awareness Month!

Thank you for making a commitment to CHOOSE KINDNESS!

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