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Ambassadors nurture the life of the Institute for Discipleship

through their prayers, advocacy, and financial support,

advancing the Kingdom of God worldwide.

2022 Summit Youth Academy participants

August 2022: Impact

How do you know you are making an impact?

Sometimes it with a comment, such as the Summit participant who shared, “now I know how to have a relationship with Jesus.”

Sometimes it comes from persons willing to help. We now have over 50 persons who have volunteered to be in the alpha testing of Disciple Fast Track on our new BeADisciple Study App.

Sometimes is comes from persons like yourself who support efforts with their prayers and gifts and words of encouragement.

Sometimes it is simply faith that God is moving and the signs we receive assist us in staying the course while never knowing the difference our efforts made.


However we look at the impact of the Institute, we know it has and will continue to be faithful to the calling we have been given. Thank you for your support and enjoy the stories from our work. 

God's best,

Steve Wilke

P.S. We now have 22 Ambassadors, on our way to 100. If you know someone you think might be interested, please introduce me to them by email, phone, or letter. 

Information About Being an Ambassador

Impact: Summit Youth Academy

In the busy-ness of life, even adults may find it difficult to set aside intentional time for silence, reflection, and prayer. During the week of July 10-16, though, high-school juniors and seniors, and college-age counselors had the opportunity to experience this intentional time and returned home with new insight on how and where God might be calling them to serve, work, and live in the world.  

Over six days on the Southwestern College campus students from Kansas, Nebraska, and New Mexico participated in activities that would guide them toward this calling: 

Response to an anonymous post-event survey showed that all participants felt something they learned at the Summit will change their life forever, 92% said that they have new questions about God and faith after attending the Summit, and nearly half reported considering theological study in college.   

Here's more information about the 2022 Summit


Impact: Study App Nears Completion

Two dozen scholars from around the world have contributed their Biblical knowledge as video presenters on the new BeADisciple Study app.  Now entering alpha testing, the app is expected to be widely available within the next year. All materials needed for the study are on the app, including videos and the complete CEB Bible, and will give mobile access through personal devices from smartphones to tablets.   

Dr. Bruce Birch, Institute for Discipleship board member, recruited the Biblical scholars from friends and colleagues he amassed during a long career as professor of Old Testament and dean at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Bruce presented two of the videos used in the original DISCIPLE 2 study, and accepted the challenge of finding the most knowledgeable and timely scholars. 

“I have taught in seminaries and Annual Conferences around the world,” he explains. “I am also a long-term participant in the Society of Biblical Literature and served as chair of its Governing Council, a global professional organization of Biblical scholars. So, for the most part, all 24 of these scholars are colleagues and friends from almost 50 years of working as a Biblical scholar.”  

Experience a demonstration of the app here

Impact: Expanding Our Reach

One sign of the Institute's impact in lives is how long people who believe in us stick around. Folks with long tenures such as Lisa, Britt, and Miranda are still here, and a person who began working with us when he was an SC student is now expanding his role. Eloy Mendoza, who has been with the Institute on a part-time basis since he developed our website as a Moundbuilder, is taking on a larger role in our electronic marketing. He continued to help us out after he graduated in 2006 (he's now vice president of marketing and sales at Methods in Wichita) and will be leading us as IFD technology consultant as we beef up our email techniques. That's 20 years and counting that Eloy has had an impact on the Institute!

Take a look at some of our other staff members.

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