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Ambassadors of Hope Program
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Read about the Ambassadors of Hope Program .

  $6,500 GRANTS
 for the adoption of these beautiful boys.
(Total MAA agency fee = $1,500.  Additional reduction of $500 for families with annual income of less than $100,000.  Other grants may be available from other resources.)

Won't you give  a child  the  perfect gift of a forever family?

limb & trunk deformity
Advocate:  Shecki Bernard
"He is funny, lively, and spunky, a real character. He is very capable and his hands don't slow him down."
Check out Aury on Shecki's blog!
Cerebral Palsy
Advocate: Becky De Nooy 
"Perry is a soul that has consciously made the best of a situation so heartrending. Is there a family with wings to spare? Perry aches to fly." 
Check out Perry on Becky's blog! 
 *There is an additional $5000 grant being offered by a church.  See Perry's referral for details.

Hydrocelphalus & Hemongioma
Advocate: Sue Holtz
"I fell in love with this kiddo. After being with him a short time I didn't even notice his birthmark. His infectious smile could light up a room."

upper limbs deformity, postoperative inguinal hernia, & atelencephalia
Advocate: Lynne Markowitz
"Eddie is so engaging, affectionate, and has a wonderful smile."
Joubert Syndrome
Advocates: Jennifer Sheets or
 Leonette Boiarski 
"Tristan's smile is beautiful, he deserves a forever home where he can learn within his capabilities and thrive into adulthood."
Check out Tristan on Shecki's blog! 
Cerebral Palsy
Unfortunately Levon was not available to meet during the trip, but any MAA staff member would be happy to share more information about him!

There are 2 darling girls who participated in the Ambassadors of Hope Program.  Their referrals file will be sent to MAA as soon as they are prepared.  Be watching for Sadie and Amelia soon!

Want to find out more??

Please feel free to contact these advocates. They are glad to speak with any interested families.

Families may put a child's referral on hold in order to have time to get a medical review done.  Families must first complete Waiting Child Review Form.