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This Friday Evening it's West Coast Swing & Bar-B-Que! Time again to indulge in two favorites fro dancers, Food & West Coast. Join Michael & Amber Cross at 7pm for a WCS lesson. Burgers on the BBQ and DJ Butch Viola playing your favorites starting at 8pm.
Advance tickets $10
See you on Friday!
Chad & Marie Burson
Thursday Night Group Class
Weekly Group Class Calendar
7:00pm:   Intermediate/Advanced West Coast Swing with Michael & Amber Cross.  
The "hottest new class" on the calendar ! Take your West Coast to a whole new level. Great Info, solid technical teaching, and loads of FUN. Please note: THIS CLASS IS 90 MINUTES LONG!
6:30pm:  RUMBA Group with Paul &Julianne 
The "Romance Dance" featuring Rumba for your Latin pleasure. Learn the dance that inspired a generation of dance lovers.

7:30pm VIENNESE WALTZ GROUP CLASS Learn the  American Style "Smooth Dances" with Julianne DiBacco and her special guest Paul Daniels. Julianne dedicates an entire month to an American style Smooth Dance (Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, & Viennese Waltz). The class is progressive and a wonderful opportunity for couples and singles alike. Learn syllabus figures and valuable technique from two beautiful dancers and talented teachers. 

7:00pm:   Beginning Level II West Coast Swing with Michael Cross
The "hottest class" on the calendar ! Great for new dancers and experienced dancer alike. Great Info, solid technical teaching, and loads of fun.  Please note:  THIS CLASS IS 90 MINUTES LONG.

7:00pm:  Novice Level ! West Coast Swing with Belinda
New to West Coast Swing? This is the Intro class to the Basics. Learn how to learn West Coast Swing. This Level ! Class is the perfect start.
Please note this class is 90 minutes long for $10 !!!
7:00pm:  ( October features TANGO) International Standard group class with Chad & Marie Burson
Learn the "Classic Ballroom Dances" from two of the best! Each month Chad & Marie feature a specific dance in the International Standard Syllabus (Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, & Waltz). The classes are progressive. Walk in the first week as a Novice and dance out at the end of the month with confidence and experience.
$10/person ( SEPTEMBER will feature WALTZ)



6:00pm:  Beginning & Intermediate/Advanced West Coast Swing lessons. Beginners in the Jr. Ballroom, Advanced in the Main Ballroom. Everyone has a place on the floor.
7:00pm:  West Coast Swing Dance Party. The best Swing DJs in the Valley serve up the Hottest music for the Coolest dance style in town!
The Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club welcomes the public to our weekly West Coast Swing Dance and lesson.
$10/person (Non-member admission)

Paul & Julianne
Friday Night Ballroom
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Friday Night Ballroom Dance
Saturday Night Country Dance
Friday Night Country Halloween Dance

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