The Best Times – Volume 1
Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is coming!

If you haven’t already signed up, please call 215-925-3313, option 8 to reach one of our EVV consultants.

EVV is pretty much what it says. Electronic Visit Verification. It’s a time and attendance process to automatically verify Time & Attendance. Think of it as your time clock. Just like any other job there is an expectation that you are at the job, on time and ready to work. 

EVV captures:

  • Which agency employee provided the service
  • The time and date that a visit began and ended
  • The individual who received the service
  • The tasks that were completed during the visit

AmeriBest has 3 modes of EVV:
Employee of the Month Winners

Congratulations on the latest employee of the month winners!
Your AmeriBest Benefits
Don’t forget about all your benefits.

Did you know that you have PTO that you can use or CA$H out? Check your latest pay stub to find out how much PTO you have!

This is a new benefit and AmeriBest is the first one to do it!

Here is how it works:

  • Caregivers will accrue a minimum one hour of PTO time for every 40 hours worked. Accrual rates will increase every anniversary date as follows:
  • Caregivers will not be eligible to use their PTO until successfully employed for 90 days but will accrue during this 90-day waiting period.

  • Caregivers can use their PTO anytime or save and cash out the value of it at the end of the year, which is your payrate x PTO hours.

Carryover: PTO will not carry over into a new calendar year; however, PTO that is not utilized will automatically be paid out in the first paycheck of the new calendar year.  
AmeriBest Compliance Corner
Have a question? Contact the AmeriBest Compliance Office at 215-925-3313, extension 115