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Camping Pods now available!
Dear ;

New for 2018!    Camping Pods exclusively for the SuperDeck-III!
Need another reason to enjoy an AmeriDeck SuperDeck-III?

Several people asked, so we did a design for something bigger than a tear-drop but not so tall that you will be taking down power lines.  Camp with the unit in your truck, or lower it to the ground, set up camp and have your truck available for running errands or getting your boat trailer out to the launch pier.

Each unit is custom made for the individual purchaser.  There aren't any units sitting in a warehouse collecting dust.  That being said, we list our "standard" designs as starting places for you to customize to your vehicle and user needs. All interiors include 6 anchor points for motorcycles/ATV.  On the exterior are several tie-down points to anchor your AmeriTop from shifting in the wind. The height, length, racks, doors etc can all be changed for your suitability. Interiors are unfinished. Changes will be quoted individually and quotes are
Suggested Interior

valid for 30-days.

Using a modified "landing wheel" design, AmeriDeck SuperDeck III remains 10" (TBD) off the ground when unloaded.  This keeps the AmeriTop off the ground, high and dry. The deck stays with the topper (pod), or can be removed with the topper standing on standard RV jacks.  Tie-downs to soil anchors recommended.

Caution, when you later proceed to roll the deck back under the AmeriTop use caution.  The deck was not designed to be pushed by your vehicle is in reverse. There is no capability to steer the deck.  The short-bed pod weighs less than 600# and we can add carry-handles so it can be moved with a little muscle.

Standard units are .040 white or aluminum skin with 1x1" studs on 16" centers. Optional is .100 unfinished aluminum.  The roof rack is not intended for people to stand on, but a reinforced roof is available.

Optional Forward Cargo Rack adds storage space.

These pods can also be as wide at 7'6" or 8' and short or long-bed.  8'6" length allows you to carry plywood or other 8' materials under-cover.  

These are shells that you can finish or outfit as you desire.  Suggested floorplan attached.  The basic unit lists for $9,495, and adding a SuperDeck-III brings it to $13,875 + fgt.  The pods are made in Iowa, SuperDeck-III in PA.

Give us a call with your questions or suggestions... anything is possible.

For details on the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III, or the pods, visit our website

For details contact me directly at 717-620-9676. Deck delivery from stock can take 5 - 10 days, FOB Hadley, PA.  Pods are about 4-weeks. 


Jeff Kurtz

Thinking "Toyhauler?"   - Think again.
Why I abandoned my toy hauler for the SuperDeck III.
Although motorcycle traveling is great fun, weather and distance can leave you arriving at your destination tired and drained. The SuperDeck III, installed on a suitable pickup truck, allows you to travel to your motorcycle destination in comfort.  

In comparison to a toy hauler, the SuperDeck III has several advantages.
   First, and significant, is the cost of a fully contained toy hauler vs the cost of the SuperDeck III and a less expensive camper equivalent to the toy hauler.   Unless your bike needs protection from the elements, the cost of the "garage" section in a conventional toy hauler is unnecessary.  Towing and maneuvering an 18' camper is much simpler than dealing with a 30+' toy hauler.

Secondly, most toy haulers use the bike storage area for a second purpose when the bike is not in place... this is usually space for the kitchen table or additional bunk space.   This space simply isn't available when the bike(s) are loaded.   
Not to mention that a certain amount of gas, oil and grime are there in your living quarters in the toy hauler.

In terms of convenience, the SuperDeck III scores big again! If you are just taking your bike out to a one-day event, you don't need the entire camper or a trailer.  Just park the bike on the SuperDeck II and press the UP button.  Head to the event without having to maneuver/unhook or deal with a trailing storage system.  
There's plenty of storage under the deck for your duffel, cooler and tools.

How about safety?  Other than a hydraulic hitch mounted bikecarrier, almost any toy hauler or trailer* is going to have a ramp to deal with.   It was one thing to ride my Bultaco trials bike up a 2x6 into the truck bed, but that was 40 years ago with a #190 bike.
   Any ramp offers opportunity for error, particularly in snow or rain.  The SuperDeck III is at ground level where it is si mple for one person to push or ride a bike into position against the bulkhead and put down the kick stand while the bike is being
strapped down.
   Pushing a #500 bike up any ramp is usually more than a single individual can safely manage.   Just check
the videos on YouTube for any number of "motorcycle ramp loading fails.


The other convenient feature of the SuperDeck III is that it has many alternate uses!   From hauling ATV's, engine blocks, bales of hay or your mom's sofa, the SuperDeck III puts any load, up to #2,500, into your truck at the touch of a button!

In summary, the Superdeck III covers all the bases.  Safety, comfort, convenience and utility at a fraction of the cost of a toy hauler.  And you can still have access to your truck hitch to tow your camper or more toys!

For details on the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III visit our website

For details contact me directly at 717-620-9676..Delivery from stock can take 5 - 10 days, FOB Hadley, PA.


Jeff Kurtz

Installers Needed!
If you are, or if you know of someone, who would like to do installations of the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III products, please give me a call.  Typical installs charge $250 - $300 for the installation.  You will set your own price.

Having a receiving dock and lift truck is a minimum requirement.  The actual installation takes about 2 hours (plus or minus the wireless remote.)

If you refer a friend who buys a deck we will bonus you with a $100 gift card!  Referrals must be documented in advance. before we speak with the customer.  Call for details.

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