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Spin Cycle Motorcycle Towing, NJ

With several locations in New Jersey, Spin Cycle Motorcycle Towing has 10 TEN SuperDeck III's!  AAA approved, look them up for local or long distance towing in the New Jersey Area.



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Info on public carrier requirements
Dear ;

One of our recent purchasers lives in Chicago, Cook County and is processing paperwork to be able to do "For Hire" transporting of goods and materials.

This applies to towing and others who do this work.   Use of the Decks are still not considered towing:
NAICS CODE: 488410-2
NAICS DESCRIPTION: A tow truck is a motor vehicle equipped with a lift, crane, hoist, winch, cradle, jack, automobile ambulance, tow dolly, or similar device designated or used to provide crane service for disabled motor vehicles, by whatsoever name called; Provided, that the term "TOW TRUCK" shall not include any vehicle equipped with a pushing bumper for the purpose of pushing stalled motor vehicles, but not equipped to provide crane service.

That being said, here's what Jack wrote to me:

 I spoke directly to someone from the Illinois Commerce  Commission. ICC she told me that as long as I'm not Towing cars or trucks I'm good!I'm considered a transport company,I can haul anything I want,lawn tractors,golf carts,sod,fertilizer,hay,patio furniture,scooters and MOTORCYCLES 
The permit is a one time fee of $50 and I have to get an intrastate cab card that's $5 a year that stays in the truck at all times!
I have to register a DBA with Cook  County office that's $50 and there's a whole process in doing that.With everything I'm looking at $140.00.So it's not going to break me lol I'm waiting on hearing back from an attorney and book keeper to see if I should form an LLC or not!
Thanks John


Here's a link to the applications and requirements to ve a carrier in Illinois.

Let us know if you find similar information about your state requirements!

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Jeff Kurtz

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