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Our customers are customizing decks.
Dear ;

Every few weeks someone sends a photo of something they have done to customize their AmeriDeck.

The latest is from Charles on Ohio.  He added new support tools with casters welded in place to enable him to move the deck around in his shop.

All of the components we use are off-the-shelf so finding matching steel tubing isn't a problem.  Just make certain you use wheels and brackets sturdy enough to take a beating.

Towing companies also make mods for their particular markets. 

This wide-bed is in Southern California.  WE don't have particulars on what the undercarriage framing look like, but it sure added space.  Note:  We have a couple people looking at putting decks on pickups directly on the truck frame but the installers have to add fenders to meet DOT regs.  Quotes are around $1.600.00.

 Recently we have had people asking about spray-on bed lining on the deck surface.  The factory hasn't acted on this, but as soon as I receive photos of a customer install I will forward it in a newsletter.

This custon low-side Tundra appeared in magazines recently.  I'm sure it was a pricy customizing job, but very impressve.  This would allow carrying wide loads without the interference of the sidewalls.

BTW... we found a new shipping company had have greatly reduced the delivery costs. If we quoted you a price over $400 previously, let us re-quote for you.

If you are concerned about finding an installer, we have had great luck with truck body shops, 4x4 truck supply companies and John Deere Tractor shops.  We'll find an installer near you.


Jeff Kurtz

pricingUpdate on pricing... We had a meeting with the factory this week. Pricing is being discussed but no decision mad as of yet.


Jeff Kurtz

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