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March 2017 - In This Issue:
Need Roadside?
We have partnered with Motorcycle Towing Services to offer their network of Motorcycle Specific towing companies for your services.

Visit their site to enroll for their annual accounts or to become a recommended MTS Towing Company!

Tell them 'Kurtz' send you.


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Roadside Challenges?  Make it quick .

Dear ;

See roadside loading at 1:10 into the video
See roadside loading at 1:10 into the video

The above video was my first recovery along I75 just east of Indy.  I had just installed the SuperDeck III (shortbed) the day before and was on my way home from the factory.  You will see that the bike owner and I loaded his ailing HD in just two minutes and had him safely off the road.

Try that with your rollback or trailer.  Customers are relieved to find that you can load their prized bikes quickly and professionally without using a winch or some kind of scooter.

Google the phrase "Chicago motorcycle towing" or "New Jersey" or "Trenton" and see how many specialty companies have the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III right on their front page.  

Get your employees, customers and equipment out of harms way and back on the road faster than ever before.

I take calls 7A-7P-7days.  Give me a call today.


Jeff Kurtz

Financing - Commercial accounts
Dear ;

Just a quick note focused at commercial accounts, such as towing companies and municipal operators, regarding financing.

We don't offer the financing ourselves, but we how have tow options for you.  The first is Crest Capital who deals with purchases of $10,000 and above.  This can be combinations of a truck purchase with a deck purchase, a deck plus a trailer or any combination of equipment that totals $10,000 or more.

Click below to complete an application is seconds and you will hear back from our contact, Gary E.
Crest Capital <<<

Need it NOW?   We just had an application approved and funded in three days with QuickSpark Financial.  Alternatively, for loans from $2,500 and up, Quick Spark has been a resource for several of our customers.  THere application is somple enough and approval can be done within just a few hours, if qualified.

Their direct link is <<<.

These are independent companies and we only offer them as references.  Wherever you go for financing, read the fine print and be prudent with your decision.


Jeff Kurtz

Installers Needed!
If you are, or if you know of someone, who would like to do installations of the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III products, please give me a call.  Typical installs charge $250 - $300 for the installation.  You will set your own price.

Having a receiving dock and lift truck is a minimum requirement.  The actual installation takes about 2 hours (plus or minus the wireless remote.)

If you refer a friend who buys a deck we will bonus you with a $100 gift card!  Referrals must be documented in advance. before we speak with the customer.  Call for details.

For updates and innovations, follow us HERE<<< 

About AmeriDeckMidwest

AmeriDeckMidwest is your dealer for AmeriDeck products including SuperDeck III, Can-Am Spyder SD-III, ChoreMaster and optional equipment manufactured in Pennsylvania from all American-Made steel and components.

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