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June 2016 - In This Issue:
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Year End Shipping and Final Orders
Dear ;

 Just a couple quick notes to wrap up the year:

Special through New Year's Day!  Free Wireless Remote with any full deck system order received by year end!  ($149.00 Value)  Order and deposit must be received by 12/31/2016.  Call for details.

If you want your deck in time to deliver toys on Christmas Day, then we must receive your order and payment by Monday December 19th.  We have units in stock for every model.  Shipping will then be on hold until January 3rd.

Orders with deposits will be filled in the order received.  If we sell out of a particular model in early January they will be fabricated about January 19th and shipped the following week.

Happy Holidays!   

Jeff Kurtz
Installers Needed!
If you are, or if you know of someone, who would like to do installations of the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III products, please give me a call.  Typical installs charge $250 - $300 for the installation.  You will set your own price.

Having a receiving dock and lift truck is a minimum requirement.  The actual installation takes about 2 hours (plus or minus the wireless remote.)

If you refer a friend who buys a deck we will bonus you with a $100 gift card!  Referrals must be documented in advance. before we speak with the customer.  Call for details.
Trouble Shooting Tip - Circuit Breaker

First a note on safe operation of the deck system.  Before  operating the deck, check to make certain that nothing on the deck is loose or hanging over the side of the deck surface.  Such items may fall or get stuck between the moving deck and the sides of your truck.  Also, make certain that the cargo is secured adequately for loading, unloading and for transporting.

There is very little that can go wrong with your AmeriDeck SuperDeck III.  We have not had reports of the Circuit Breaker tripping, but if it does, your hydraulic system will stop and the buttons on the control pendant (or wireless remote) will not work.

If your control pendant or wireless remote does not start the hydraulic pump instantly, first check the plug where the pendant connects to the control cable.  Unplug the pendant and re-connect it to make certain the contacts are engaging.  If that does not remedy the problem, then check the breaker.

Take a quick look under the hood (of your vehicle) right now when nothing is wrong and see for yourself how the circuit breaker functions.  By pressing the red button on the device you will see a lever pop out to one side.  This is the reset lever.  Simply pushing it back into place will reset the breaker.

If you try to operate the deck again and have no response, or hear any strange noises, carefully check for a problem before resetting the breaker a second time.  The breaker is there for a purpose and must not be bypassed.

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