Express Scale Parts Newsletter December 6, 2016

Our office will close December 24 and will reopen January 2, 2017. 
Mike and Lynn Simmons with new American citizen, Abril Gonzalez-Arano

        Through his involvement with the Olathe North High School's AVID (Advancement Via Individual Development) college readiness program, Mike met Abril.  She exhibited her dedication and desire to excel as a top student in the program and came highly recommended by the director.  Shortly after graduation, an opportunity arose at Express Scale Parts that would be perfect for her to work part time while pursuing her college education.  Mike offered her the job, and Abril accepted.  That was two and a half years ago.
        Fast forward to December 2016.  Abby is now working full time through her visa, and going to college at night pursuing a degree in Information Systems Technology. She is a vital part of all three small businesses here: Express Scale Parts, Quality Air Solutions, and VIC Systems. Recently, she approached her manager to utilize one of her PTO days to take her US Citizenship and Immigration Naturalization Interview and Test for which she had been preparing.  Word spread the day of the exam that she had passed and a celebration was planned at the office.
      While we sell internationally and in all fifty states, we are proud to say that our products are made here in the heart of America.  We are full of pride for Abby; for her aspiration and diligence to become a citizen of the United States and for representing our company well.
America's best days lie ahead, you ain't seen nothing yet. -  Ronald Reagan