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Yard Waste Season Ending Soon
The seasons are changing fast here in Southeast Michigan! That means yard waste collection ends for the season soon.

Check the general yard waste guidelines here and directly with your community for specific yard waste collection end dates.

And...please be patient as crews work hard to collect yard waste, garbage and recycling, while navigating the weather.
America Recycles Day
November 15th!
Every year on November 15th, America comes together and pledges to make recycling a priority in our every day lives. 

One day to educate. 
One day to motivate. 
One day to make recycling bigger and better.
365 days a year. 

Take your pledge at!
Have an Eco-friendly Thanksgiving
Did you know that Americans generate 25% more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year's as we do the rest of the year? 

To help curb your holiday waste, here are some green holiday tips! Hey, you might even save some money too! 

Finish Those Leftovers
In the United States, food waste makes up a large majority of the waste in landfills. In fact, some 133 billion pounds of food is lost or wasted every year. That's outrageous!

What can you do about it? 
Make sure to eat those leftovers, invite friends over after Black Friday shopping. Tired of turkey? Make it into a soup for a different taste profile. Better yet, buy and make less food so leftovers aren't an issue!

End Wasteful Practices
No one likes their gravy soaking through their plate, accidentally biting a tong off their fork or tracking down their cup that looks exactly the same as everyone else's. Ditch the disposables and invest in reusable! 

Use cloth napkins and tablecloths but make it fun. Get some fabric markers and have everyone decorate their spot and napkin! Trust me, it will be a holiday favorite for everyone to look through the old drawings year after year. 

Reusable dinnerware is a no-brainer. Sturdy...check. Leak proof...check. Big enough to hold all your favorites...check. Need to know which cup is yours? Buy some multi-color hair ties and have everyone put one around their cup, problem solved.

Buy Local
Michigan is the perfect place to focus on locally grown produce and meats. Did you know most food from the supermarket travels more than 1000 miles to get there? Pick dishes with seasonal produce that can be purchased from local growers. 

Up for a challenge this Thanksgiving? Check out Sustainable America's 100 Mile Thanksgiving Challenge. Celebrate local food suppliers by trying to source all your Thanksgiving ingredients within 100 mile of where you live! 
RRRASOC Recycling Directory
Not sure what to do with stuff?

Visit and use the Recycling Directory search bar to type in keywords and get recycling, composting, reuse or disposal instructions.

The searchable, intuitive format of the Recycling Directory provides RRRASOC specific information.

Also Available:
  • Mobile App
  • From your App Store or Google Play, search for "Recycling Authority"
  • Alexa Enabled Device
  • Simply say, “Alexa, enable Recycling Directory.”
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