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November 2017

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Celebrate America Recycles Day
November 15!

America Recycles Day is a Keep America Beautiful Initiative to educate, motivate and make recycling bigger and better. 

This fall, commit to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Buy Recycled.

For America Recycles Day, pledge to do the following:
  • Learn what materials are collected for recycling.
  • Act to reduce the amount of waste you produce, recycle more and buy products made with recycled content.
  • Share your support of recycling and encourage one family or friend to take the #BeRecycled Pledge too. 
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Reasons to Recycle 

  • It's good for the economy - In Michigan, there are an estimated 2,242 establishments in the recycling and reuse industry that provides 61,700 jobs.
  • It saves landfill space - No one wants to live next door to a landfill and Michigan has 47 municipal solid waste landfills. These are the landfills that take household garbage. Recycling preserves existing landfill space.

  • It reduces waste - According the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average person generates 4.7 pounds of garbage each day. The U.S. is only 4% of the world's population but generates about 30% of the world's garbage. 
  • It's good for the environment - Making new products from recyclables uses less energy and creates less pollution than making products from virgin natural resources. 
Not sure what you can recycle?
Check out our Recycling Guidelines here.
Staples Stores Celebrate America Recycles Day

Staples wants you to know that recycling is rewarding. They provide free electronic recycling every day but are giving you extra savings through November 18. Rewards members will receive $10 off their next purchase of $30 or more when you recycle your unwanted electronics at your local Staples store. 

Find out more information here
Yard Waste Season Ending

Yard waste collection will end for the season in our member communities according to the following schedule.

Please check directly with your communities for any updates to the schedule.
Community Yard Waste Collection End Date
Farmington December 1
Farmington Hills week of November 27
Milford November 28
Milford Township November 29
Novi December 1
South Lyon November 30
Southfield last week of November
Walled Lake November 22
Wixom last week of November

Did you know?
The Michigan Legislature enacted Public Act 264 of 1990 which amended the Solid Waste Management Act to address the problem of yard clippings in landfills.

Under the act, "yard clippings" are defined to mean leaves, grass clippings, vegetable or other garden debris, shrubbery, or brush or tree trimmings less than four feet in length and two inches in diameter that could be converted to compost.

As of March 28, 1995, owners and operators of landfills or municipal solid waste incinerators have been unable to accept solid waste that they knew or should know included yard clippings from any source.

Prohibiting yard waste from landfill disposal conserves landfill space, reduces landfill methane emissions and converts organic material into compost for enhancing soils. The yard waste season runs from April through November when commercial compost facilities are open. 
The Recycling Authority
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The Recycling Directory is a searchable, intuitive tool that provides you with RRRASOC specific information and tips on recycling, composting, reuse or disposal options.

The free mobile smartphone app is available from your App Store or Google Play. Search for "Recycling Authority".

The Recycling Directory is also available on the website. 
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