I saw my dad put this saying on another person’s Facebook page. Not knowing Latin, I did have to look it up. Usually, my dad was always full of wisdom like, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” and “I can explain everything with widgets and Pepsi.” He once helped me through a sixth grade heartache when he told me it was my fault because I should not have challenged the young man to a race and then beat him. After looking at him confused, he then said, “On the other hand, you do always have to do your best and never let someone win because then they did not earn it.” He taught economics for many years at a local community college and also farmed, so in my world, there was not another person more Henny Penny than my dad. He was always there for me even when, in a surprise move, I was elected as a captain for a flag football team in fifth grade. I went out for it because I thought it would be fun and a couple of the boys said I could not do it because girls were not allowed. Lots of memories and a few bloody lips but we ended up in the middle of the league – not bad. Anyway, he put this saying as words of encouragement for a friend. It really hit me that many times we may feel like we are not in control or outside our comfort zone but in the end, this disaster has shown our true colors and our ability to be resilient and lead through the difficulty. We can and we will lead without being led. #Back2Biz

-Lisa Shimkat