I saw that there were a lot of variations of the quote above around marriage, relationships and raising kids. I decided it also could be modified to fit our world today. I just re-watched all of the Jurassic movies over the last month. It is funny how watching some parts, I was not as shocked or tense because it just made me think, “Yep, I call that Monday.” My eye started to twitch from stress around Wednesday. I decided on Thursday that a few hours of vacation was in order for Friday. The piles do not get smaller but the opportunities to solve new problems present themselves every day. I know that I am not the only one who is tired. We are making a difference and we are finding a path through this. Time to say, “That’s a wrap.” I know in Jurassic Park they said,  Life finds a way,  and for us today that saying could be,  Business finds a way.  We have come so far in a short time and we will find the next new world. Take care and keep plugging away so we can get everyone #Back2Biz.

-Lisa Shimkat