Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors. Growing up I loved to solve puzzles. After reading all of the Nancy Drew books, I moved on to Agatha Christie then many more in between. I have to say that if anyone is looking for a good and fast mystery, Janet Evanovich has a series of over 25 books that will make you laugh and keep you guessing. I had forgotten how much I liked to read books. With all of the tremendously long hours and the feeling of never catching up, I finally hit a point where I realized that I needed to refill that bucket. I re-read a couple of my Evanovich books. It reminded me of the quote above by Agatha Christie. This is very applicable today. We now have more variables and more outcomes that are beyond what we have ever anticipated. It is time to be creative but also remember that sometimes, it is the simple answer that will serve us well. Keep doing what you all are doing to get our state back on track and #Back2Biz.

-Lisa Shimkat