I love looking for just the right quote for the day. With this one, there is a little debate about who actually said it. It also made me think of the challenges we a facing across every industry in the world. It make me think of the day I realized my mother-in-law was testing me. She showed up with craft supplies for our kids to play with and I did not give it a second thought. Thirty minutes later, I found the coffee can that had been full of little containers of glitter. I saw a quote on Facebook saying that said, “If 10 people are in the same room crafting and one of them uses glitter, how many people end up with glitter on their project – 10.” I believe it was a good five years before I stopped finding glitter around the house. The glitter was something that became a part of our house. Today, COVID has taken over. I felt that it was a little like the glitter because just when we think we are grasping the magnitude of the impact on our world within the business realm, another road block pops up. Amidst the glitter in our world, there are some amazing opportunities and examples of states, communities and resources working together. If you are a bricks and mortar business, ask us how to get signed up to sell online for free or if you are a business owner wanting to get advice on what some of your next steps could be, let us know and we will help. There are people there waiting to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners alike – take a moment and seek them out so that we can get #Back2Biz.

-Lisa Shimkat