Who Are America's Top 20 Philanthropy Speakers?
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Based on the bestselling book, the  Just Mercy  movie presents the unforgettable story of  Bryan Stevenson  (Michael B. Jordan) and the case of Walter McMillian (Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx), who was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.

Bryan Stevenson has been selected out of 1,000 nominees as America's Best Philanthropy Speaker and Thought-Leader.
Number One
Bryan Stevenson, Founder
Equal Justice Initiative
Number Two
Dalila Wilson-Scott, CEO
Comcast NBC Universal Foundation
Number Three
Allan Golston
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Number Four
Kris Putnam-Walkerly
Philanthropy Advisor, Author & Speaker
Number Five
Bette Midler
Actress, Singer &
How would you like to be the expert FOX, CNN, NBC and CBS calls to educate millions of listeners on the power of philanthropy?
Or, the expert who is considered one of the most sought-after speakers and experts for major philanthropy and social innovation conferences?
Or, the expert publishers and online content providers seek out to share messages that inspire millions of people toward greater civic engagement?
Before you can become a national (even global philanthropy social innovation expert) - you need to be visible. You need a platform, or a way of reaching millions of people.
Writing books, giving speeches, conducting radio and television interviews, social and digital media content, meeting with social investors, program volunteers, collaborating with funders, inspiring employees - these Top 20 Philanthropy Speakers are some of America's most sought-after communicators.
They have built national platforms and reputations. Meeting planners regularly hire them to speak, facilitate conversations, inspire giving, disrupt philanthropy and influence social change.
There were more than 1,000 nominees for America’s Top 20 Philanthropy Speakers which is double the amount received last year.
So, who are the best philanthropy speakers that have inspired the charitable giving sector and advanced social innovation?
America's Top 20 Philanthropy Speakers
"Leadership in philanthropy today requires you to be an outstanding speaker!"
Kathleen McLaughlin, President
Walmart Foundation
Voted #9 on the list of America's Top 20 Philanthropy Speakers
1. Bryan Stevenson, Founder, Equal Justice Initiative

2. Dalila Wilson-Scott, CEO, Comcast NBC Universal Foundation

3. Allan Golston, President, Bill Gates Foundation, U.S. Programs

4. Kris Putnam-Walkerly, Author and Global Philanthropy Advisor

5. Bette Midler, Singer, Actress and Humanitarian

6. Carrie Morgridge, Vice President, Morgridge Family Foundation

7. Wendy Steele, Founder, Impact 100 Global Advisory Council

8. Careshia Moore, President & CEO, Usher’s New Look Foundation

9. Kathleen McLaughlin, President, Walmart Foundation

10. Janine Lee, President & CEO, Southeastern Council on Foundations

11. Art Taylor, BBB Wise Giving Alliance

12. Fred Blackwell, President, San Francisco Foundation

13. Lisa Hamilton, President & CEO, Annie E. Casey Foundation

14. Kevin Washington, President & CEO, YMCA of the USA

15. Ana Marie Argilagos, President, Hispanics in Philanthropy

16. Kerry Sullivan, President, Bank of America Charitable Foundation

17. Asha Curran, Co-Founder & CEO, #GivingTuesday

18. Tim Delaney, President, National Council of Nonprofits

19. Nancy Brown, President, American Heart Association

20. Dr. Una Osili, Associate Dean, Lily School of Philanthropy
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