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Volume 10
June 2016


    Who Else Wants to Raise More Money?



America's Top 25 Fundraising Experts, published by Philanthropy Media & Michael Chatman Network

Jay Frost, Advisor to Nonprofits and Companies Serving the Nonprofit Sector, (pictured right) is one of America's Best Fundraising Experts

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As competition for the charitable dollar continues to heat up, nonprofits are asking some very fundamental questions about new ways to raise funds to support their missions. Our 2016 Top 25 Fundraising Experts help nonprofits get past "we've always done it this way, we've tried that before, and fundraising is difficult."
Folks ask us how we put together the list. Like all of our lists, our readers, listeners, conference attendees and members choose our experts. We survey them through our social and digital media network, and they respond in record numbers.
Thanks to Sandy Taylor, Wayne Weaver, and the Financial & Philanthropy Experts Academy promotions team for excellent research. Because of this incredible team, we have produced a list of fundraising experts that will help you find more money for your mission. 
                                          America's Top 25 Fundraising Experts
1. Jerold Panas -

2. Penelope Burk -

3. Adrian Sargeant -

4. Simone Joyaux -

5. Tom Ahern -

6. Sandy Rees -

7. Penelope Cagney -

9. Jay Frost -

10. Gail Perry -

11. Diane Remin -

12. Howard Stevenson -

13. David King -

14. Nell Edgington -

15. Lori Jacobwith -

16. Leslie Crutchfield -

17. Tony Martignetti -

18. Kris Putnam-Walkerly -

19. Tammy Zonker -

20. Michael Rosen -

21. Marc Pittman -

22. Amy Einstein -

23. Andrea Kihlstedt -

24. Pamela Grow -

25. Larry C. Johnson -

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