Charity Wallace is DFC’s new managing director of Global Women’s Issues. She oversees the 2X Women’s Initiative , which has catalyzed over $3 billion to projects that economically empower women. Before joining DFC, Wallace was founding vice president of Global Women’s Initiatives at the Bush Institute, and later founded Wallace Global Impact to develop cross-sector solutions to some of the most pressing global issues, with a strong focus on women.

How did you become interested in women's economic empowerment?
Working in the federal government for eight years afforded me the incredible opportunity to travel to more than 70 counties. I saw firsthand how investing in specific levers education, healthcare, economic opportunity—significantly empower women, benefit their families, and strengthen communities.

How can DFC create economic opportunity for women?
A McKinsey study found that eliminating gender disparities would add up to $28 trillion to global GDP by 2025. This is a staggering number one that DFC can help to reach through investments targeted to women. Indeed, DFC has mobilized over $3 billion to invest in women’s economic empowerment. Together with our peer development finance institutions, we’ve catalyzed $4.5 billion through the 2X Challenge . Now we will explore the ways we can take this momentum and make it exponentially greater.

How can investment help address the challenges women are facing from COVID-19?
Women are disproportionately impacted during crises, and COVID-19 is no exception. The pandemic has forced everyone to shift to digital platforms for healthcare, education, and financial services areas where women lack sufficient access. DFC is working to support women during the pandemic and pending recovery by investing in food security, health systems, and deploying investments to provide much needed capital to women borrowers.