JULY 2018
Big Jet, Jasmine, Jinx and Jello by Barbara and Daniel Brandreth
More Big Jet, Jasmine, Jinx and Jello
Barney by Kathy Turner
Bella by Monika Buol
Caizel by Ann Wiltshire
Chippy Claveau by Marie
Buck by Judie Cutting
Photo by Kerry Quick
Photo by Cecilia Warren
Photo by Cecilia Warren
Photo by Crystal Teal
Photo by Debra Gagnon
Photo by Karen Armstrong
Photo by Vitto Pacheco
Photo by Karen Barth

Photo by Kristin Steadman
Photo by Becca Whitley
Wes by Janet Harrington
Photo by Becca Whitley
Brogan by Jennifer Theriault
Copper and Elsa by Doug Ziegler
I may be small (23 pounds) and young, but I have already learned the ends and outs of being a dog... house trained, crate trained, walks well on a leash, rides in a car great, and loves his foster dog brothers. I would be a great addition to your family, if you need a furry friend, please check me out!
I'm a laid back kinda guy that enjoys the routine aspects of life. You may not realize that can't hear well, because I am a confident guy and fit right into a pack quickly. I enjoy running around the yard, even if I have a little ache or pain from my rusty joints. If I could have a choice, I would really love to have a nice family with another dog to enjoy the day together.
Paula is just a precious pretty girl! She is one of our International Rescues and just couldn’t be happier than when she’s snuggling on the sofa with her humans. This girl also has a strong prey instinct and will thrive with a yard with a fence. She would enjoy a home with another canine companion and humans to give her the attention and love she deserves! Will you be her forever companion?
"Rescuing one dog will not change the world... But for that dog the world will be forever changed."

These wonderful Brittanys are currently available for adoption. Click on their picture for more information, and if you think your family is a good fit, please complete an adoption application here.
Congratulations to these Brittanys who have found their forever home!

Chassis (WV)
Haley (MI)
Boz (GA)
Cooper (NC)
Dolly (CA)
Hank (NE)
Jasmine (IA)
Mina (NY)
Missy, now Grace (NC)
Red (MO)
Rosie (WV)
Caizel (OR)
Daisy (CA)
Lily (IN)
Meadow (NC)
Molly (KS)
Piccolino (IA)
Rocky (ID)
Rogan (PA)
Taylor (TN)
Trapper (ID)

Update on Bobby
Last month we discussed how abuse and a life-long lack of veterinarian care caused Bobby, a Brittany from Spain, to lose his sight and develop a number of additional medical issues. Sadly, Bobby now faces even more challenges, including a growth in his upper palate.  

Jenny Gessler, his adoptive mother explains:

We had a consult with an oncologist last Friday. We discussed the need for a full body CT scan and biopsy. The oncologist was confident that it is cancer and most likely spread to other places in his body. So officially, we do not know what it is. We are going to continue as we are. We will make him comfortable, watch for signs for distress with breathing and eating, then make a decision. My friends have asked if it is cancer, would you do chemo, etc. The answer is no. 

If we can get more donations, I would love to use that money for energy work, acupuncture or massage. I am a firm believer in miracles and alternative therapy that will help comfort him.

Thank you for your donations and if you would like provide further support for Bobby, please click here and designate your gift to Bobby.
If you would like to give to American Brittany directly, please click on the button below to make your gift and help a dog in need.

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ABR's mission is to provide the leadership and expertise via a network of trained volunteers to take in stray, abandoned, surrendered and/or impounded purebred Brittanys, provide them with foster care, health and temperament screening, an opportunity for any necessary rehabilitation and to assure their health and placement into new homes. In order to fulfill this mission, ABR's volunteers remain flexible and adaptable to current and future business environments and they remain dedicated to the organization.  

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