Does running down a course with your dog as they fly over hurdles and run through tunnels sounds like a blast?  Agility might be a great way to learn new skills and strengthen your bond. In this sport, you and your dog work in tandem to navigate a course that has tunnels, hurdles, a teeter, a table, A-frames and a dog walk. Using hand signals, you direct your dog to the next obstacle as they speed through the course. The event is timed with points given for a clean run. Agility began in England in 1977 as a fun diversion during a break in a dog show competition. The excitement grew and today it is the fastest growing sport for dogs.

For More Information
Website: has a beginner’s section on how to get started in agility.  ‘Brittany Agility Championships’ 
Book: The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility by Laurie Leach
Video: Brittany Agility