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Importance of Annual Exams and Dental Cleanings
Caring for your beloved Brittany takes commitment to good food and health. Preventive care and a solid relationship with a trusted veterinarian can increase the longevity of your pet by catching health problems early when they are easier to treat.  Annual dental cleanings can be an important part of preventive care. Prophylactic dental cleanings get rid of bacteria and plaque which can be a source of pain and infection for dogs. February is National Pet Dental Health Month take a moment to "lift the lip" and take a look at your dog's pearly whites; tartar, gingivitis, and plaque could be lurking there.
American Brittany Rescue is a
501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to provide the leadership and expertise via a network of trained volunteers to take in stray, abandoned, surrendered and/or impounded purebred Brittanys, provide them with foster care, health and temperament screening, an opportunity for any necessary rehabilitation, and to ensure their health and placement into new homes.
Check our website to find more giving opportunities...
We would be honored to share your love and appreciation of our mission through your gift to our general fund, Brittany Buddy fund or a specific fund in keeping with our mission and/or location.
We are always interested in your stories. Of course, we love the success stories, but we also want to hear about problems you and your Britt have worked through. Is your Brittany enjoying the new year?  Any new adventure?  Does your Brittany have any special talents? Send it all to newsletter@americanbrittanyrescue.org.

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Please Consider Adopting One of These Wonderful Brittanys
By Melissa Tapply
These wonderful Brittanys are currently available for adoption.
Click on their name more information, and if you think your family is a good fit please complete an adoption application here .
Harrison & Sophie (Virginia):
These 7-year-old cuties have been together since birth. They love each other so much and are looking for a forever home where they can stay together. They are an energetic duo, now working hard to learn what being indoor dogs is all about! 
  Kellie Anne (New Jersey): Sweet and smart Kellie is 8 years old and full of Brittany energy! She loves long walks, running in the yard, people, dogs, and squirrels. Kellie had a tough year, but she is still always smiling and wagging her tail!

Cisco (California): Meet 4-year-old Cisco! He's an energetic, well-behaved, guy whose loves include people, dogs, playing and going for walks. This healthy, happy boy will do great with an active family!

Duke (Texas): Duke is a big boy full of big Brittany love! He loves being outside chasing dragonflies and rolling in the grass. He is looking for a home with a fenced-in yard with the company of a pack or people who are home a lot!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the folks who helped us acquire our sweet Sienne. I'm sure I probably missed someone and I'm truly sorry. If any of you who receive this know of someone else who was involved, please forward this to them to let them know how much we appreciate them.
I had promised Ms Duncan some updated/more recent pictures when I could so I'm including a few with this email. These were all taken on Wednesday 4th. We were kind of in a hurry so I didn't get as many good shots as I would have liked, but I think these show just how well she is doing and how much she is loved by both Bobbie and me.  We had just clipped her on Sunday 1st. We usually keep her clipped pretty short all except her leg feathers.
We've had Sienne now for a tad over three years and she's doing so well. We lost our beloved Tippy this past year but up until then she and Sienne got along great together. Where Tippy was much more extroverted and loved to play and retrieve Frisbees, Sienne is much more laid back and loves to be close to one or both of her people.
She's not much for playing with toys and doesn't even know the word 'retrieve'. She is very soft natured and will go totally submissive (almost afraid) at even a loud voice. The fire crackers/fireworks at holidays are terrible for her so we usually give her a "Benedryl" during those times to help her relax.
All in all, she's doing very well, is very healthy @ 40lbs, and loves to run across our backyard any chance she gets. Oh yeah, she loves to walk on leash with Bobbie in the afternoons as well. She will point and stalk lizards, squirrels, and the occasional Opossum or raccoon as they travel along the outside of our chain link fence.
At any rate, hope you all enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing my brief description.  We couldn't love her anymore than we do and again...many, many thanks to all who had a hand in helping her get to us.

Congratulations to these Brittanys who joined their forever families over the last month!

Ruckus, CA
Cider aka Whiner, CA
Max, CA
Brooke, IA
Sadie, IA
Lindsey, IL
Eliza, IL
Gracie, MI
Lady, MO
Tucker, TN
Shiloh, VA
Angel, VA
Sammy, WI
Chippy, MO
Will you be watching the Superbowl and like the possibility of winning money?
If so we have a fun and easy  fundraiser for ABR that should interest you.
Our annual FOOTBALL MANIA fundraiser is starting now until the  end of January.  
Many of you know what football mania is all about but for those who don't...it's a fun and easy way to help raise funds for ABR while giving yourself (if you buy tickets) and to those you sell tickets to a chance to win money each quarter of the Superbowl. 
Tickets are $5.00 each with ABR receiving $3.50 for each ticket sold!
Your odds of winning are better then the office pools because they have removed the number combinations that are least likely to occur! 
The odds to win money are 1 in 14. Not bad...not bad at all!
If you would like to help us sell tickets please contact Julie Thomas at  jathomas26@gmail.com    
For more information on the event, or to purchase tickets online, click here.
Please share this with your friends and family!  The more tickets we sell the more money we have to help save Brittanys in need!
Good luck to you all!
ABR 2016 Year In Review
2016 was a busy year for American Brittany Rescue! Here is a snapshot of our accomplishments over the past year: 
  • 248 dogs were taken in to rescue
  • 191 dogs were adopted; November had the highest adoption rate, with 23 adoptions; March was second highest, with 19 adoptions
  • We have 1373 active volunteers
  • We estimate that we transported Brittanys over 30,000 miles nationwide to get them into safe foster or permanent homes
  • Our social media presence continues to grow. We now have:
  5454 eNews Contacts
  11,352 ABR Facebook page likes  
  601 ABR Southeast Facebook page likes
  659 Instagram followers

Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters who he
lp us towards our mission. We are already working hard to making 2017 another successful one, as we continue to provide foster care and find safe and happy homes for Brittanys around the country !
Are You Ready for Pheasant Fest 2017?
February 17 - 19
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American Brittany Rescue, Inc. is an organization that was formed in 1991 as a cooperative effort of Brittany owners, breeders, trainers, and fanciers who ABR believes have a responsibility not only for their own dogs and the dogs they produce, but for the breed as a whole.


ABR's mission is to provide the leadership and expertise via a network of trained volunteers to take in stray, abandoned, surrendered and/or impounded purebred Brittanys, provide them with foster care, health and temperament screening, an opportunity for any necessary rehabilitation and to assure their health and placement into new homes. In order to fulfill this mission, ABR's volunteers remain flexible and adaptable to current and future business environments and they remain dedicated to the organization.

Terry Mixdorf, President
Tina Leone, Vice-President/Co-Treasurer
Michelle Falkinburg, Secretary
Diana Doiron, Co-Treasurer
Robin Egan, Chair
Tiffany Dexter
Terrie Johnson
Nancy Hensley
Monica Rutt
Maria Smith

Jeannine Connors
Patricia Gillogly
Heather Kernan, DVM
Melissa Tapply
Maria Smith
Tina Leone