So what does all this mean when it comes to our Britts? Well, aside from making us question whether our puppy doesn’t obey the conventions of fair play because she’s a sociopath (just me? okay.), knowing what our dogs’ minds have in common with ours— and especially what they don’t— is an important step in understanding their expectations of us, and how we can communicate our expectations to them. Most dog training techniques are based in operant conditioning ; becoming familiar with the principles can help you become more successful in eliciting behaviors from your pup once you understand what works and why . It’s also important to understand what your dog is likely to struggle with (for example, focus or generalization) so as not to get frustrated.

The important thing to remember, however, is that our similarities with dogs have their limits. It’s important to be aware of these differences and understand the part of our Britts’ minds that is exclusively canine. Being able to understand their body language , cultivate reasonable expectations, and provide mental stimulation as a part of maintaining their overall health will ensure that you and your Britt have the happiest, healthiest relationship possible. That, and an occasional dip into the treat jar.

Information Source: National Geographic