Friends With Benefits: The Healing Power of Dogs and ABR's Senior Companion Program
A 12-year-old Brittany from Connecticut is “saying cheese” because ABR saved him not just once, but twice. When Cheddar was about six years old, his family planned to euthanize him because of a broken leg. Instead, volunteer Pamella Nelson fostered him and placed him with a second family. When that family’s circumstances changed about a year ago, Cheddar returned to ABR once again. By then, Cheddar suffered from debilitating arthritis and had lost a great deal of weight because of decayed teeth. This time, Pamella adopted Cheddar and, along with ABR, worked with a team of veterinarians to turn him into “a happy and healthy little ole’ man.”

The vets treated Cheddar for the arthritis and extracted a number of painful teeth. After six weeks, he gained weight and became interested in long walks again. Even more importantly, Pamella’s love and attention cured his anxiety and nervous tummy. Pamella says he now loves treats, toys and most of all, his new canine and human friends. Cheddar even gets ‘bossy’, grabbing his leash and presenting it to Pamella so they can explore the beach. These days, with Pamella by his side, Cheddar shows off that happy Brittany smile.   
We all know Brittanys become integral members of our families and when they leave us there is often a huge void in our daily lives. There are certain times during the day, places in our homes and locations in our communities that trigger memories. Not surprisingly, there are infinite unique ways to pay tribute to them.

Many touching memories have been shared through the ABR website and in our printed newsletter. Often volunteers lose touch with dogs they have rescued or fostered. Sharing your thoughts and memories can give them insight into the “new” lives of these beloved dogs. Several Brittany-focused social media groups also allow tributes and photo sharing opportunities. 

Giving is a tribute that can be done in any size and benefits other dogs, as well. ABR and our dogs have benefited from several such gifts, as have other rescues, shelters, dog parks, first responders and communities. Gift cards, travel miles, food, leashes and collars, toys, medical supplies and blankets, as well as your time and talent are always appreciated and allow these groups to continue their mission.

Whether your tribute is to leave a bowl of water on the sidewalk, a very personal journal of memories, a cuddly pillow or a public bench, each memory with your dogs is priceless and emotional.

You are welcome to share your Britt’s tributes at .

Adopted by Richard Quist in 2009, George lived in Florida and walked in Estero Bay Preserve State Park Preserve almost every day. Sadly, on March 1, 2018, an alligator nabbed George and drowned him. After George retrieved his body and cremated it, several friends wanted to establish a memorial for George. In 2013, George’s Bench was placed in Estero Bay Preserve. Over 30 people, including a park ranger, attended the memorial. The dog pictured on George's Bench (pictured) is Quist’s new pup George II.
More tactile reminders include shadow boxes (tons of ideas on Pinterest) displaying images, collars, tags, toys, clothing, chewed items and much more.
Custom art can be created from photos in almost any size and price range. Etsy features many artists who create original art in various mediums. ABR affiliate Bark Point Studio offers custom sketches and illustrations by artist Morgan Spicer. Prices range from $75 to $100, with 20% of total sale donated to ABR (Promo Code: Brittany)
Zazzle offers a custom printed pillow with your art for around $32. create 12”-15” custom dog replicas beginning around $189 and Cuddle Clones recreate your dog in fiber beginning around $249 or slippers at $199. Various markers and types of stones abound on tribute websites at various price pointes for lawns and gardens.
ABR volunteers have shared a few public tributes as well. Julie Miller-Longo was inspired by her two ABR Britts to work with the St. Charles, Illinois, Park Foundation to establish a memorial sculpture titled Timeless Tags , where members of the community could hang their dog’s tags.
Rocky spent most of his 10 years of life in a backyard packed in with many other dogs. He received no attention or pats on the head and never had someone to say “good boy”. After two weeks at a shelter, ABR picked him up, named him Rocky and matched him to a loving foster home. This house was the first one Rocky had ever been in and he found everything to be so interesting. As new as it all was he was a very good boy and never took or destroyed anything. He loves to rest in the recliner and rides well in the car. Rocky is very laid back and walks well on a leash. He seeks attention often but is okay as long as someone is there to be with him. He’s newly house broken and learning commands and always respond to treats. Rocky is such a sweet boy. Everywhere you go in the house, he’ll be right there with you. He does not have separation anxiety and walks into his crate without a fuss. He most likely does not need to be crated when alone, but this has not yet been tested. He really needs a steady companion to give him the love he wants. He must be the only pet in the house with no companion pets.

Bruno is a gentle and very beautiful 4 year old Britt who is extremely sweet and affectionate. He is very loving and wants nothing more than to please his humans. Since joining ABR this boy has been through some trying times, he has transitioned from living outdoors, has conquered house-training, has gained an appreciation for toys (especially the squeaky ones). He is no longer known as “Bru-NO” but now goes by Bru (BruBaby, BruBoy, Bru-tiful, Bru-talicious, Suba-Bru). Throughout it all Bru has been delight to all humans. Canines on the other hand are an issue of concern. During puppyhood Bru was not socialized with other dogs and he is extremely afraid of other canines. He was evaluated by a behaviorist and is working on overcoming his extreme reaction to other canines however is a work in progress. His foster family is working to redirect and control what could be a volatile situation when in close proximity to other canines. This is an ongoing process and extensive training is necessary. This boy needs be included in an active family’s day to day life. Crated for long hours will result in a wild man with excess energy to burn. No long distance or sight unseen adoptions for Bruno. Bru is a sweet dog and a wonderful Brit who is anxious for your forever love and companionship. He must be the only dog in the house with no other dogs.

Cash is sweet and funny and a cool 11 years old. He belonged to a Brittany breeder and was surrendered for rescue when his owners no longer wanted to breed him. So now Cash is ready for the next chapter in his life and he’s living the good life now!
Because he had been kept in a kennel most of his life everything is new and exciting to him: a big backyard to run in, toys to play with, squirrels to chase - he even caught one! But what Cash loves most of all about this new life is the love and attention he gets from his people. Cash has 2 challenges that needs to still be worked on. After recently being neutered at age 11, he decided that he had absolutely no use in his life for other dogs. He has become aggressive toward the other male dogs, it is possible that with time his hormones will settle down and his attitude will change, but as yet it has not. Therefore it is best if he is the only dog in the family. Also, under the old dog/new tricks category, he is still working on his house-training although he is almost there.The good news is that he does sleep through the night without having to go outside. And he is improving rapidly. 

Zero is an affectionate girl and, like all affectionate pets, she appreciates attention. However, she does not demand attention and is content relaxing on her bed for hours. She likes to spend some time outside, but generally the excursions are brief and she prefers to be with people. She loves to run, so a yard that would allow her to run would be a plus. Her favorite activity is to retrieve a soft squeaky ball - tossing it in a direction she didn’t expect and sending her out to ‘go get it.’ It’s amazing how she abruptly changes direction when she gets a whiff of the toy. She also likes to cool off in a kiddy pool on hot summer days. She has not routinely been around young children and can become excited if children chase her around or tease with a toy. While she has never gotten aggressive; she just loves to play - possibly accidentally knocking a young toddler over. Zero will not do well in a home where there are frequent sharp noises like fire crackers, pneumatic nail guns, or discharging of a firearm. She doesn’t mind the normal thunderstorm, but with a particularly severe storm, she is more comfortable in the basement for a short time. Zero does fine for hours at a time with loud noises from saws, router and jointer – just not the abrupt sharp noises. She loves to be wherever you are, working in the basement, working outside, or just hanging out in the house. Zero has always been with another dog, but I believe she would do fine alone also. She gets along well with other dogs when properly introduced. She isn’t a fan of baths, but tolerates them and she absolutely loves being brushed. She is accustomed to having her fur trimmed. Zero is a sweet dog and wonderful senior girl who is anxious for love and companionship.

Happy Tails
Congratulations to these Brittanys who recently joined their forever families!

Buddy, RI
Charlie, NJ
Chase, KY
Colt, NC
Daisy, RI
Gus, WA
Jack, NJ
Jacques, NV
Jasper, OH
Libby, FL
Poncho, MN
Prince renamed Chase, SC
Renee, WA
River, IL
Rory, PA
Tbone, PA
Zip renamed Duke, PA

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