Itching and Scratching:
Could your Brittany have allergies?
As folks passionate about our beloved Brittanys, we treat them as pampered family members and wish this were the case with dogs all around the world. During our Year of the Dog series, we’ve learned that they fare well in many countries. Some even enjoy the additional freedom of accompanying their people in public areas, such as cafes and grocery stores. Unfortunately, we have also discovered the extent of how some nations abuse and neglect dogs.  As folks passionate about animal rescue, this serves to deepen our commitment to help them.

This past year, we focused on our overseas mission and have been introduced to many wonderful people dedicated to this cause. It began with Mary Willis, a seasoned international rescuer who first made ABR aware of the plight of the sporting dogs in countries such as Greece and Spain. Mary offered a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a deep desire to bring those dogs home to the loving families in the United States. 

We’ve learned how ABR Board of Directors Member Tina Leone, who along with her fellow board members, arrived at the decision to launch our pilot program. We’ve discussed her first mission to Greece and how the subsequent trips were ultimately streamlined to rescue more dogs each time. We’ve heard details about the logistics and challenges of those trips from long-time volunteer and former board member Peggy Adams-Russell. And we’ve heard about how individual dogs are discovered, selected, vetted and processed from Nancy Hensley, our ABR International Rescue Director.

We’ve followed the program’s evolution from finding dogs in established shelters to partnering with individuals who rescue dogs directly from the streets, the woods
and notorious ‘kill stations.’ One of these women, Natasha Trillo, who hails from Spain, reassures us that many of her fellow countrymen are ashamed of treatment of these dogs. We now know that she and many others work hard to change that mindset. Natasha summarized ABR’s goal, as well as all other rescue groups in a single phrase: “We all have our own action in a common task.”

Those actions prove all encompassing. Folks like Jenny Gessler fostered and adopted, ‘Brave Bobby’, the Brittany blinded by a horrific blow to his head. ABR could not exist without such loving foster families. Many of us support ABR in a variety of other ways. Some conduct phone interviews or home visits with potential adopters, or chauffeur a Britt to a forever home. Those unable to donate time elect to donate financially. If you are reading this article, you help simply by taking an extra moment to open the newsletter to learn more about our favorite breed. 

Together, we each can find a way to contribute to the common goal of finding every Brittany a loving home. It doesn’t matter if a Britt originates here in the United States, or from another country. It doesn’t matter if we foster or adopt, or assist others to do so. It only matters that we act.   
American Brittany Rescue, California
17th Annual American Brittany Rescue Picnic

Saturday, April 27, 2019
El Chorro Regional Park
2990 Dairy Creek Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Hello fellow Brittany volunteers, friends, and adopters!
Please join us for the 17th Annual American Brittany Rescue Picnic! Bring your family and dogs on Saturday, April 27, 2019 for a day of great food and Brittany fun in San Luis Obispo, on California's beautiful Central Coast.
Our Picnic will again be held at El Chorro Regional Park in San Luis Obispo, with our own private fenced DOG PARK! Complete with barbecue facilities, picnic tables, restrooms, shade trees and lots of room for the dogs to romp and play. El Chorro Regional Park is located off of Highway 1, at 2990 Dairy Creek Road.
The classic Santa Maria-style barbecue which includes tri tip or chicken, beans, salad and garlic bread with a drink will be $20 per person, paid at the gate.
Pet-friendly lodging in the San Luis Obispo/Central Coast area will be sent in a separate email. El Chorro also has a wonderful camp ground, should some of you want to camp in the area.
We will also be having our great Raffle and Brittany items for sale! If you are willing to briing a raffle item, or volunteer the day of the picnic, please let us know. It takes a village to put this event on, and every extra hand is very much appreciated.
Please RSVP to the invitation and indicate the number of PEOPLE that will be attending and their names. Please also note in your reply how many DOGS you are bringing and their names, so we can get an accurate head and paw count!
Diana Doiron
P: (562) 690-3139)

Terrie Johnson
P: 707-477-2718
We look forward to seeing everyone on April 27th!

Daisy is a very petite spayed 14 month old Brittany that must be adopted as part of a “bonded pair” with her brother Buddy. Both dogs are very healthy, up to date on shots & microchipped. They will require a five to six foot fenced in yard, or an invisible fence, as they will challenge surrounding structures. Daisy is only 26 lbs and uses her tiny frame and innocent looking face to her advantage. Daisy plays like the energetic, hyper, mischievous puppy she is and what a fun little girl she is! Daisy spends most of her days playing with her brother, bothering the cat, and getting into mischief. Since fostering Daisy and Buddy her family has barely turned on the TV. They are so entertaining to watch. They are both good at bedeviling the other, so when Daisy runs up into your arms for protection, giving you those innocent eye rolls, don't believe her. She’s been known to ambush her brother by standing on a couch arm and jumping on his head as he walked past. She loves to cuddle with people, so be ready to lose your rights to all personal space (Buddy is the same way, so make that times two). But she is a very happy life-loving bundle of joy. Daisy and Buddy will be a great addition for any active family. They are both very loving and just a joy to be around. So, if you are looking for a lot of fun and great companionship, Buddy and Daisy are for you. If you would like to meet the dynamic duo “Buddy and Daisy” take a look at their adoption page.

Buddy is a handsome 14 month old neutered male that must be adopted with his sister Daisy as they are a “bonded pair”. Both dogs are very healthy, up to date on shots & microchipped. They will require a five to six foot fenced in yard, or an invisible fence, as they will challenge surrounding structures.
Buddy's mannerisms read like they were taken right out of a Brittany description page, "energetic, high-strung, loving, cuddler, kind, playful, etc". He is everything a Brittany should be and more. And so handsome, Buddy is the four legged furry version of Brad Pitt. When on a walk, dogs and people are constantly turning their heads and walking into street signs and telephone poles just to get a glimpse of him! Buddy spends his day playing with his sister Daisy, bothering the cat, and getting into as much mischief as possible. Prior to rescue he was an outside pup, so being indoors is a new experience. He is working on his housebreaking and learning good manners. He is good with a crate and loves to invade your personal space for some extra love. So, if you are looking for a lot of fun and great companionship, Daisy and Buddy will be a great addition for any active family. They are both very loving and just a joy to be around. So, if you are looking for a lot of fun and great companionship, Buddy and Daisy are for you. If you would like to meet the dynamic duo “Buddy and Daisy” take a look at their adoption page.

(Ongoing until the day before the Superbowl!!!)
The Super Bowl is around the corner and regardless if you watch or not, you could win money while helping American Brittany Rescue raise money!! Visit our website to learn more about the Sweepstakes. If you enter the sweepstakes, please consider sharing the information via social media to increase our participation and raise more money for the dogs!!!

HAPPY TAILS - Would not be possible without your support!
Congratulations to these Brittanys who recently joined their forever families!
Abbie, TN
Azita, GA
Beti, WA
Brandee, ID
Brody, MN
Bruce renamed Freddy, CA
Buck, LA
Bud, WI
Buster, MO
Choco, IL
Cody, IL
Curly, NJ
Curly, PA
renamed Chase, VA
Deco, MN
Dillon, NC
Fred(a) renamed Holly, MA
Garbi, WA
Gina, FL
Jack, AL
Jake, TX
Jimmy, SC
Kelsie & Fearghas, GA
Kenna, IN
Kilo aka Gracie, NV
Lara, GA
Larry, PA
Lea, OR
Mara, OR
Margie, CA
Mason, AZ
Mimi, MI
Moe, KY
Oscar, IL
Pablo, MN
Quill renamed Keller, NY
Remington, KS
Russell renamed Cooper, SC
Ryen, KY
Salvador, MN
Sam, GA
Sugar, NC
Truxton, AB
Trey renamed Luca, MI
Tucker, MI
Vera, IN

American Brittany Rescue, Inc. is an organization that was formed in 1991 as a cooperative effort of Brittany owners, breeders, trainers, and fanciers who ABR believes have a responsibility not only for their own dogs and the dogs they produce, but for the breed as a whole.


ABR's mission is to provide the leadership and expertise via a network of trained volunteers to take in stray, abandoned, surrendered and/or impounded purebred Brittanys, provide them with foster care, health and temperament screening, an opportunity for any necessary rehabilitation and to assure their health and placement into new homes. In order to fulfill this mission, ABR's volunteers remain flexible and adaptable to current and future business environments and they remain dedicated to the organization.  

Terry Mixdorf, President
Terrie Johnson, Vice President
Tina Leone, Vice-President/Co-Treasurer
Cheri Wilson - Chair
Michelle Falkinburg, Secretary
Diana Doiron, Co-Treasurer
Tiffany Dexter
Nancy Hensley
Sandra Oelschlegel
Monica Rutt
Maria Smith
Ryan Waterbury
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