Photo Collage of Brittanys Enjoying Summer
I just wanted to send a message and tell ABR thank you. Months ago I had to contact ABR in regards to a 1.5 year old female Brittany I received from someone else. She had no socialization, and had a bite history. It broke my heart that we could not keep her. She needed extensive training, and a home without young kids. She found her forever home in a foster with ABR, where she got the training she needed, and the home she needed. It meant so much to my family.
We love our Brittanys! That dog will always be in my heart, but you guys helped us do what was best for her.
This 2½ year old boy is full of energy. He loves to go outside and run in the fenced yard with his dog pals. He also has a softer side, where he loves snuggling up for nightly cuddles. He has the run of the house and is completely trustworthy. Rookie would benefit from having another young active dog companion. A family with kids would be great too as long as they weren't real little kids. Cats he pretty much ignores, they are just part of his pack. Rookie is crate trained and will get into his crate without any fuss when told. We don't hear a sound out of him all night. His recall is very good and loves chasing critters. However, an outing with gunfire sent him fleeing the scene and his owner had to track him down miles away. So absolutely no hunters or sportsmen for this guy. Rookie is a wonderful dog who needs to be included in an active family’s day to day life. He loves his people and thrives on human attention. Rookie is a sweet dog and a wonderful Brit who is anxious for your forever love and companionship. No long distance or sight unseen adoptions for Rookie. If you would like to consider adoption for this wonderful guy complete the adoption application.
Coco is a cute, petite, snuggly, energizer bunny who is just under 2 years old. She is a very sweet and wonderful Brit girl with a very high prey drive, who is perfectly housebroken and crate trained. She likes to grab my slippers, tennis shoes, towels, anything cloth and run with it. She’s too rambunctious to be a good fit for a household with small children - but she’s an ideal companion for an active family with children over 10. Coco is very attentive but not pushy with people and other dogs. She plays wonderfully with all the dogs in her foster home. Not so much with the cats though...she gets right in their faces and barks. The house cats don’t run so she leaves them alone once told to. Not sure how she would be if they ran or with an unfamiliar cat. Coco needs an experienced owner and a fenced in yard to contain that high energy. She will need training to learn what you expect of her, what’s okay and what’s not. Coco needs to have a job in life, to be focused on a purpose and to learn the basic commands. She’s a great young dog in search of her family and her mission. If you are interested in making her part of your family, please complete the adoption application.
Rusty and Bitty were both surrendered to ABR at the same time from different families. They both went to the same foster home. They have been very good with each other and it would really help with their transition to a new home if they stayed together. They are both young dogs with a lot of great times ahead. While these 2 dogs have very different personalities it was clearly meant for one family to foster both Rusty and Bitty at the same time because Rusty has greatly helped Bitty adapt and become more trusting of her foster dad. She now goes to him when called and is less fearful of other people too.
Rusty was surrendered to ABR by his family who decided they were not equipped to have such a young Brittany. Rusty is a wonderful boy who will make a great addition to an active family. He has completed the Beginner and Intermediate obedience classes and has obtained his Canine Good Citizen certificate. He would make a fantastic therapy dog. He is being introduced to the commands and protocol needed to become one. Rusty needs to find an active young family. He does very well with young ages 2 & 4, after his initial greeting. He is great with older children and loves to play with them. He loves to greet people but is a little over exuberant at times. He loves to be outside and running. A fenced yard is an absolute must when not on a leash. He interacts with other dogs very well and he and Bitty spend lots of time chasing squirrels and birds in our backyard. While he is crate trained and will sleep in the crate at night, he is used to being out of the crate most of the day and should not be crated for long periods of time given his energy level and good behavior. He is eager to learn and wants to please.

Bitty was surrendered by her owners who bought her from a breeder. ABR was contacted about rehoming Bitty when her original family felt that they were not able to provide the attention and activity she deserved. Bitty has come far since her foster family picked her up in March. She was fearful and would shake whenever anyone approached her. We are sure she had been abused by men. She has never been aggressive, just fearful. It took us 2 1/2 months before she would approach foster dad without major coaxing. She now readily goes to him for affection, and actually initiates the contact. She is very good around our children but will keep her distance when young children first arrive. She loves watching them, and wants to play, but is still hesitant about playing with them. The older children love to pet her, and she goes up to them now quite quickly. She is still wary of men but not nearly as fearful as when she first arrived.

We have taken her to obedience classes, and she has made great strides. She knows all the commands and did earn her canine good citizen certificate. She does well around other dogs, but we don't know about cats. She and Rusty play well together. She really didn't seem to know how to play, or what to do with a chew toy when we first got her. She loves to run, and walking on a leash is still a work in progress, but she usually stays very close to us when we are outside, always keeping us in sight. She is housebroken, crate trained, and readily goes to her crate. She is still very much a one-person dog and attached to foster mom immediately when we picked her up. If Mom's around, she takes her cue from her, but if mom leaves, she is now comfortable staying with foster dad.

Bitty needs a family who will be patient with her and allow her to continue to grow in confidence. She loves to be close to you and will be on your lap if you allow it. She needs lots of love and affection and will be a great addition to any family.

These two dogs are very good together and it would be fantastic to find a permanent home where they could stay together. They are both young dogs with a lot of great times ahead for an active and loving family. If you are interested in making them part of your family, please complete the adoption application .
Levi's owner passed away and his wife is dealing with health issues so at 7 years old, a happy healthy well cared for and trained Levi is perfectly prepared for a new home. He was raised as the happiest and most loving fur-buddy anyone could ask for. He’s well trained to love every human with all his heart and always greet them with lots of kisses and excitement. He is clearly the master of many trades, from supervising in the kitchen, to nightly home security after bed time and best friend to all fur-buddies. Levi is one of the sweetest, happiest and most loving dogs you could ever hope for. He is always wagging his nubby so hard his whole back side wiggles. He is great in the house and very well mannered. He doesn’t get on furniture and has no need of a crate. He is happiest on his blanket next to the bed. A quiet boy unless treats are out. He is great with basic commands and walks best with a harness. Levi enjoys car rides - he even barked out “there is nothing like feeling the wind in face and I love it so much that I have even started riding motorcycles”. He still runs and plays like a pup at every opportunity. He absolutely LOVES to run and will take the chance whenever he sees the opportunity. He took off running twice through an opened door. Levi’s past included hunting which is why he loves to take off and run. This boy is full of surprises! His one quirk is a love to play with socks. Other than that, there are no bad manner antics - no counter surfing, mischief, etc.) and no housebreaking accidents. If you are interested in this sweet lovable boy (who wouldn't be), please fill out the adoption application.
Congratulations to these Brittanys who recently joined their forever families!

Alfie, PA
Bailey, UT
Birdie, PA
Breezy, MN
Britt, ID
Buddy, GA
Cabella, NY
Cash, IA
Champ, UT
Copper, WI
Dakota, IA
Dasher, VA
Foxy, NY
Gunnar, PA
Heart, UT
Hoss, IL
Kirby, IL
Lucy, WI
McGee, TX
Moose, UT
Nick, TN
Penny, CA
Pozi, OA
Roxy, PA
Savvi, IL
Seta, SC
Tiny Mite, UT
Zar, VA

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