What's in a name? (Rose by any other name...)
Gretchen and Brian Beetner had no intention of adopting two senior Brittanys at the same time, especially those living in a foster family over a thousand miles away. That is until they fell in love with the story of nine-year-old siblings Molly and Duke. The littermates had been purchased as puppies by two families living in the same neighborhood. Because the families were close friends, the pups enjoyed lots of playtime together. Eventually, Duke and Molly shared the same home when one of the families stepped up to adopt the other’s dog. But then for reasons that are unclear, that family surrendered the bonded pair to ABR.   

Both of the Beetners work full-time and don’t have a real yard of their own, so adopting the less active seniors fits in perfectly with their lifestyle. Molly and Duke had multiple folks interested in them, but Gretchen convinced their foster mom that she and Brian proved the best fit. They flew down to Texas and drove back to Chicago with the adorable duo. It’s been a little over a year now, and Gretchen says living with two Britts proves much easier than she originally thought. As any true Britt lover knows, they never slow down, so Duke and Molly are always up for a romp or a rousing game of fetch. And like most Britts, they believe they are lap dogs. Although Molly is the boss, both “squeeze in” at the same time. And that, says Gretchen, brings true joy.
Zar is the perfect dog according to his foster family. He is very well behaved indoors and has full run of the house, even when left alone. He learned his place quickly, does not climb on furniture, and has had no bathroom accidents. He loves to look out the windows at the outside world. He is very interested in what goes on around him. Zar is very affectionate and always ready for attention, but does not beg for it. 
Zar is an international rescue and was an inside dog living in Spain. He absolutely loves the outdoors and is very energetic. He does not challenge the fence in his foster home. He does have a blast with the squirrels and birds who reside in the neighborhood, and he is the first to come inside when hands are clapped to come in. His papers said that he may have problems with male dogs, but his foster home has only female dogs. He has been nothing but a great companion to them. They love to play together, and there have been no issues with them. He loves to chase balls and frisbees when thrown.  He’s a perfect angel!

Austin came to the attention of ABR volunteers as a stray in a shelter in Austin, Texas. From there he went to a vet's office to be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He is now in the comfort of a foster home and is loving life. Austin age is estimated at 10 years old. And like most seniors he is still active, loves to explore, loves his foster companions and is very, very sweet. He has the sweetest look about him, especially when he wakes from a nap. Austin is deaf but he handles it just fine. He compensates by looking for you or his foster companions therefore a home with another dog is a must. If you ask Austin, he would love to go with Daphnee as he has filled up her dance card.

Austin is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered, chipped and is on heartworm preventative and flea & tick protection. Austin weighs 45-48 pounds and looks great at that weight. He does pretty well on a leash, not sure if he would be great off leash as his nose appears to be the leader when he is out on a walk. He rides very well in a vehicle. He is interested in cats, just not sure if he could be trusted by himself. He gets along with all of the neighborhood dogs and has stood up to another dog trying to get a bit too frisky. As previously mentioned a home with another dog(s) would be necessary since Austin takes a lot of cues from his foster companions.

Daphnee - If you are familiar with the "Life is Good" t-shirts then you can picture Daphnee. She is such a happy-go-lucky Brittany! Just yesterday, after running and playing all day in the yard chasing butterflies, cormorants, lizards and anything that moves she tears off running in large circles and flops on the ground for a wiggle session to scratch her back. So much fun to watch. Don't let her age fool you, Daphnee does not act 10. Be prepared to let her run off leash to burn her energy. She behaves beautifully inside. Daphnee does great around all dogs of all sizes and plays well with dogs of all sizes. She is interested in the indoor cats but does not bother them - just curious. Daphnee does well riding in a car. She has been without a kennel - haven't tested her with one. We are working on the off-leash training. The only time I could not find her she was back at my home sitting on the front porch - Good girl. She definitely needs a secure fence and will test every weakness in any fence.

Daphne is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative and on preventative. She is also microchipped. She currently weighs around 30 pounds and looks good at that weight. She eats a bit more (1.5 cups, 2 times a day) than my other Brits however she burns it off running and playing. Daphnee's forever home will need to have another dog to help burn her energy. She adores Austin and we hope to re-home them together although it’s not necessary.

Congratulations to these Brittanys who recently joined their forever families!

Bindi, AL
Cooper, NJ
Cutter, NE
Fitz fka Bubba, NE
Johnny, GA
Lady, CT
Leia, KY
Madison, MD
Sadie kna Katie, MO
Tucker aka “Tuck”, TX
Yankee, IN

HAPPY TAILS - Would not be possible without your support!
Thank you for helping Elliott. It only took 3 days to reach our goal!!
Elliott is an abandoned hunting dog from Spain. He was struck by a car and left for dead. A kind person brought him to a vet and contacted American Brittany Rescue. His broken leg was repaired but has not mended properly. Elliott needs additional surgery. It will cost over $2000 to get this two-year-old to a happy home in the US. Fees include vet care, boarding in Spain, a crate, plus airfare for both him and a volunteer. Please help.   

We raised over $2100 in less than three days. THANK YOU!! You can still contribute to Elliott! The campaign will remain open until May 31st. Also, please watch for other Giving Grids to help our International dogs one by one!!


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