Q2 2020 Activities
The 2020 ACCP Annual Meeting launched on April 6 th . Being mindful of the COVID-19 pandemic, ACCP transformed the Annual Meeting into a virtual event to ensure the health and well-being of ACCP Members, meeting Attendees and Staff. While the virtual format is new, ACCP’s commitment to providing an exceptional clinical pharmacology-focused meeting experience remains the same. The Virtual 2020 ACCP Annual Meeting launched June 24 th and is open for registration!

A 3 Day registration includes:

  • 19 educational Symposia PLUS a newly added session on the most current status of COVID-19, all including Q&A sessions
  • Invited Keynote presentation by Steven D. Gore, MD on 20 years of ‘Epigenetic’ Cancer Therapy - Who are we Fooling?
  • Presentations by all ACCP Recognition Award Winners
  • CME or CPE credits
  • Two virtual Poster Sessions including recorded presentations of all Posters and the opportunity to contact poster presenters to engage them in conversation during and after the meeting
  • Stay current on new offerings from Exhibitors & Sponsors by visiting the virtual Exhibit Hall
  • In addition, all registered Attendees will receive access to On Demand recordings of all events after the virtual meeting is completed, providing you the luxury of viewing all sessions, rather than having to choose between concurrent sessions as you would in a live setting
Three outstanding Pre-meeting Workshops will be hosted the weeks of September 7 th  & 14 th  and are available for a separate fee.
Also available the week of September 14 th  is a series of events focused on Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals , including a virtual Welcome & Coffee Chat, Panel Discussion on generational differences in communication, Podium Presentations by the top four Student Abstract Award Winners and a virtual STEP Networking Social. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your peers during a truly informative series of events.  

Registration fees for the virtual meeting are a 75% discount from the original Early Bird price and a 3 Day virtual meeting registration provides you with access to all events!

Be sure to invite your friends and colleagues who will also benefit from this educational event at an outstanding price!
The Call for Proposals for the 2021 ACCP Annual Meeting launched April 15 th . The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2020. To submit a Proposal for a Symposia or Pre-meeting Workshop for the 2021 ACCP Annual Meeting "Spearheading Innovation in Clinical Pharmacology" please visit the ACCP Call for Proposals webpage .
The Call for Volunteers was distributed on June 11 th . Member participation in ACCP committees is vital to the growth and development of the organization and it provides Members with the opportunity to develop skills that will enhance their own careers.  Volunteer now for any of the following committees: ByLaws, Credentials, Education, Finance, Honors & Awards, Membership, Publications, Public Policy and Student, Trainee & Early-stage Professional. The deadline to volunteer for a committee is July 15 th , don't miss this chance to participate!
  • On June 15th the ACCP Inclusivity & Diversity Statement was released. ACCP strives to embrace the unique nature of each individual in the international community it serves. From educating healthcare colleagues that span the breadth of the myriad of facets of the profession to ensuring safe and efficacious patient care, ACCP remains committed to promoting and adhering to fairness and equity. To read the statement in its entirety please click here.
  • The April ACCP Webinar: Tips & Tricks for Effective Presentations presented by Michael J. Fossler Jr, PharmD, PhD, Vice President, Quantitative Sciences, Trevena and Lorraine Rusch, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Strategy & Commercial Development, Celerion. If you are interested in viewing the On Demand webinar you may do so here. 1 CME or 1 CPE credit
Results of 2019 Audit
ACCP is not under any legal or regulatory requirement to have an audit of its annual financial statements, but it is considered a "best practice" by various regulatory organizations and the IRS to do so. Performing an annual audit assists the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities to the organization by monitoring and evaluating ACCP's financial position. For many years ACCP has received a "clean" opinion from the auditors. This means they have found the financial statements to be free from material misstatements. This report serves to provide an outside expert's opinion on the society’s financial position, the results of operations and the identification of any material weaknesses in the system of internal controls. The audit found no findings of material weakness. Such consistent, positive results allows the Board to have confidence in financial operations of the society.
ACCP Announces 2020 - 2022 Officers
ACCP announced the newly-elected 2020 - 2022 Officers on June 4 th . Please join us in congratulating our new Officers!

Donald E. Mager, PharmD, PhD, FCP

President Elect
Richard C. Brundage, PharmD, PhD, FCP

Oliver Grundmann, PhD, FCP

Navin S. Goyal, PhD, FCP

Immediate Past President
Vikram Arya, PhD, FCP

John van den Anker, MD, PhD, FCP
ACCP 2020 Recognition Award Winners
On April 29 th ACCP announced the ACCP 2020 Recognition Award Winners. These distinguished individuals were selected by the ACCP Honors & Awards Committee based on outstanding contributions to the global clinical pharmacology community as noted in the criterion for each award. The awardees will be honored during the Virtual 2020 ACCP Annual Meeting. Congratulations to all the award winners!

ACCP Distinguished Investigator Award
Michael D. Reed, PharmD – Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, Dept of Pediatrics, Case Western Reserve Univ School of Medicine

ACCP Honorary Fellowship Award
Michael Cohen-Wolkowiez, MD, PhD – Professor of Pediatrics, Duke Univ

Nathaniel T. Kwit Memorial Distinguished Service Award
Vera Donnenberg, PhD - Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Univ of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

McKeen Cattell Memorial Award  
Michael Ganetsky, MD, FACEP, FACMT - Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Director, Div of Medical Toxicology, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Ctr

Bristol-Myers Squibb Mentorship in Clinical Pharmacology Award
Deanna Kroetz, PhD, BSc - Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmacogenomics Graduate Program, Univ of California San Francisco

Roger Jelliffe Individualized Therapy Award
Michael N. Neely, MD, MSc - Univ of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

Tanabe Young Investigator Award
Ayyappa Chaturvedula, PhD - Associate Professor, Univ of Northern Texas System Coll of Pharmacy
ACCP Journal Articles to Note
The following Editor's Choice articles are excellent examples that affect patient care.

April 2020 - Editor's Choice Article
Manish R. Sharma MD, Shailly Mehrotra PhD, Elizabeth Gray MS, Kehua Wu PhD, William T. Barry PhD, Clifford Hudis MD, Eric P. Winer MD, Alan P. Lyss MD, Deborah L. Toppmeyer MD, Alvaro Moreno‐Aspitia MD, Thomas E. Lad MD, Mario Velasco MD, Beth Overmoyer MD, Hope S. Rugo MD, Mark J. Ratain MD, Jogarao V. Gobburu PhD
Pages: 444-452 | First Published: 04 December 2019

May 2020 - Editor's Choice Article
Ana Maria Araújo MD, Humberto Machado MD, PhD, Paula Guedes de Pinho PharmD, PhD, Patrício Soares‐da‐Silva MD, PhD, Amílcar Falcão PharmD, PhD
Pages: 617-628 | First Published: 03 December 2019

June 2020 - Editor's Choice Article
Paul Glue MD, FRCPsych, Natalie J. Medlicott PhD, Peter Surman PhD, Fred Lam PhD, Noelyn Hung MB, ChB, FRCPA, C. Tak Hung PhD
Pages: 751-757 | First Published: 17 February 2020
2020 Upcoming Events
Honors & Awards Nominations for 2021 ACCP Annual Meeting
Submission site opens mid-August

September 21 st - 23 rd

ACCP Webinar: Lessons Learned - Perspectives from Government, Academia & Industry
October 7 th at 2:00 PM ET
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