Q4 2019 (October - December)
Welcome to the Quarterly Update from the American College of Clinical Pharmacology ® ! The Quarterly Update will replace the Annual Report that was traditionally issued after the close of the fiscal year. In this new format, ACCP will provide more current information about successes and goals achieved in the previous quarter.

In 2019, ACCP celebrated 50 years of contributing to the global clinical pharmacology community. The 2019 ACCP Annual Meeting was a huge success with 93% of attendees rating the meeting as Excellent/Good and indicating they would recommend it to colleagues. 85% also rated the educational content as Excellent/Good. An Anniversary Gala and celebratory video completed the occasion.

In early 2019, the society launched the ACCP365 Mobile App, providing 24/7/365 access to all things ACCP any time, any place. The functionality of ACCP365 will continue to be expanded as we move into 2020.

Remaining true its Vision & Mission as it spearheads the transformation of clinical pharmacology, the society continues to develop and promote high-quality Live and On Demand educational events and programming, consistent with its commitment to the dissemination of scientific information for the benefit of all.

ACCP remains committed to supporting Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals, by providing them with year-round educational tools and opportunities for professional growth and development.

ACCP will continue to pursue productive collaborations with similarly-focused societies that share ACCP’s commitment to the future of clinical pharmacology.
Vikram Arya, PhD, FCP
President, ACCP
Q4 2019 Activities
Strategic Plan Initiative
ACCP is undertaking the development of a new Strategic Plan that will shape the direction of the society for the next five years. Following the successful implementation of the 2015 – 2019 Strategic Plan, ACCP will utilize quantitative data from surveys and qualitative data from interviews to begin structuring the overarching objectives of the plan. An in-person meeting of the Working Group on the Strategic Plan will be held in late February to assess previously-gathered information and begin to formulate the plan to address the challenges faced by ACCP and the global clinical pharmacology community.
Continuing Education Update
Needs Assessment
ACCP performed its annual Needs Assessment in October of 2019. The survey was distributed to more than 3,000 contacts, including ACCP Members and Non-member clinical pharmacology professionals.
Respondents represented a diversified background and provided their opinion on key issues such as ACCP’s value, its Member Benefits and its educational programs. 65% of those who responded to this survey indicated being in practice for more than 20 years, 52% indicated practicing in industry/pharmaceutical companies and 45% indicated involvement in academic/research fields.

The data gathered provides ACCP with insights regarding the respondents’ level of engagement with the society. Up to 60% of respondents indicated engaging with ACCP at various levels. The most relevant opportunities include attending the Annual Meeting (74%), submitting an abstract for presentation (61%), visiting ACCP’s website on a regular basis to access The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development or educational offerings (47%) and serving on a committee (36%).
Among the most valuable benefits offered by ACCP, Member respondents indicated that having free access to the latest scientific research/high-quality publications (46%) is the most important benefit. This is followed by opportunities to enhance skills and assume leadership roles (32%). Non-member respondents indicated that ACCP programs with interdisciplinary/interprofessional focus on learning and networking opportunities to enhance career development (47%) are equally important. This was followed by free access to latest scientific research/high-quality publications (43%).

Most cited areas of interest for continuing education across the entirety of respondents include pharmacokinetics (ADME)/pharmacodynamics, clinical pharmacology in outpatient/in-patient settings, biostatistics/clinical trials/ clinical research and pharmacometrics. The most attended educational activities include ACCP’s Annual Meeting (66% of Members) and ACCP’s Virtual Journal Club (67% of Non-members). This supported the data that 71% of respondents indicated that live meetings and webinars are their preferred method of learning, followed by text/article-based education 56%. The majority indicated participating in ACCP activities because the topics are of their interest and for their professional development.
2019 Recognition Award Winners
ACCP Distinguished Investigator Award
Julie A. Johnson, PharmD

ACCP Honorary Fellowship Award
Amarnath Sharma, MPharm, PhD

Nathaniel T. Kwit Memorial Distinguished Service Award
Peter H. Wiernik, MD

McKeen Cattell Memorial Award
James Truong, PharmD

Bristol-Myers Squibb Mentorship in Clinical Pharmacology Award
Guenther Hochhaus, PhD

Roger Jelliffe Individualized Therapy Award
Diane R. Mould, PhD
Update to Fellowship Requirements
Fellowship Requirements
Updates to ACCP's Requirements for Fellowship were approved by the Board of Regents and posted to ACCP1.org . The changes were made to accommodate a wider professional audience as a result of ACCP's joint accreditation. The updated requirements can be found on the Apply for Fellowship page.
ACCP Journal Articles to Note
The following Editor's Choice articles are excellent examples that affect patient care.

December 2019 - Editor's Choice Article
Diana Yu PharmD, MS, Justin Sheets PharmD, Sarah Suppes PharmD, Jennifer Goldman MD, M

November 2019 - Editor's Choice Article
Ming‐Chia Lee MS Chih‐Hsin Lee MD, PhD Lih‐Yu Chang MD Chia‐Hao Chang MD Jun‐Fu Zhang MS Meng‐Rui Lee MD Jann‐Yuan Wang MD, PhD Shih‐Ming Chen PhD

October 2019 - Editor's Choice Article
Giuseppe Derosa MD, PhD, FESC, Isabella Tritto MD, Davide Romano MD, Angela D'Angelo BD, PhD, Gabriele Catena MD, Pamela Maffioli MD, PhD
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