Q4 2020 Activities
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ACCP Policy Statement:
Statement of Support for US FDA: Science & Evidence-based Review & Approval of COVID-19 Vaccines for Use in the United States
ACCP announced the publication of a Policy Statement entitled “Statement of Support for US FDA: Science & Evidence-based Review and Approval of COVID-19 Vaccines for Use in the United States,” on December 8th in ACCP’s The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The statement elucidates ACCP's support of the FDA in its endeavor to approve or authorize vaccines based on science and evidence-based approaches for the prevention of COVID-19.
Dr. Donald E. Mager, President, ACCP emphasized, "The challenges of rapidly developing safe and effective vaccines for the prevention of COVID-19 make it clear that decisions must be based on the principles of clinical pharmacology and good science. In keeping with the mission of the ACCP Public Policy Committee and the traditional regulatory paradigm of the FDA, this Policy Statement should raise public awareness and support for the objective, transparent and evidence-based review and approval of COVID-19 vaccines."

We are pleased to share this press release received over 1,600 press release views with 100 media views and is currently ACCP’s highest viewed press release distributed to date.
ACCP Leadership Development Program
ACCP launched the NEW ACCP Leadership Development Program on November 8th! The purpose of this program is to provide a structured experience for individual professional growth in the global clinical pharmacology community as well as a pipeline of potential future ACCP Leaders.

The ACCP Board of Regents approved the selected participants presented by the ACCP Leadership Development Committee. Participants will be enrolled for a six-month term. Please welcome Kacey Anderson, PhD, Jonathan Constance, PhD, Amalia Issa, PhD, MPH, Lucy Lee, PharmD, MS and Zaid Temrikar, MS to the inaugural ACCP Leadership Development Program. The society looks forward to your growth and continued participation within ACCP!
ACCP Strategic Plan Process
Development of the new ACCP Strategic Plan continues in the effort to solidify ACCP’s role as a global leader in the clinical pharmacology community and ensure that ACCP’s programs and activities support the needs of its colleagues worldwide. A draft of the Strategic Plan will be presented to the Board of Regents at its February meeting, with a final vote of approval planned for the May meeting, followed by implementation in late Q2.
The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling Supplement 
On November 18th, The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology released the Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling Supplement. The Supplement offers a tour of selected advances in PBPK methods and applications from across the academic, industry and regulatory sectors of practice, both for small-molecule therapeutics and for emerging contexts of use in biotechnology therapeutics for novel modalities.

Volume 60, Issue S1
Pages: S1-S178
November 2020
Issue Edited by: Vikram Arya, Karthik Venkatakrishnan
The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Women's Health Supplement
On December 7th, The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology released the Women's Health Supplement. A comprehensive review of the current status of clinical pharmacology aspects of treatments in various reproductive and nonreproductive diseases and conditions of importance to women's health and highlight the future opportunities to improve therapies in these areas.

Volume 60, Issue S2
Pages: S1-S120
December 2020
Issue Edited by: Myong‐Jin Kim, Venkateswar Jarugula
Welcome New ACCP Committee Members
In June of even-numbered years, ACCP places a Call for Volunteers for Committees. The society is fortunate to have a membership that is ready to commit and participate on one of ACCP's Committees for a two-year term. ACCP Staff works diligently to ensure there is a diverse representation of ACCP membership, which includes Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals.

Now that the committees have been seated, we would like to officially welcome everyone to their respective committee and give a heartfelt thank you to the Members that have left a committee or are continuing to serve on a committee. Your participation is critical to ACCP's success!!
ACCP Board of Regents Call for Nominations
Thank you to all who submitted nominations for outstanding Fellows in the Call for Nominations for the Board of Regents. The Nominating Committee will soon begin deliberations to develop the slate of candidates for an election in the June timeframe.
ACCP Educational Events - Now On Demand
Early-stage Professionals
  • The October Early-stage Professionals Webinar: Lessons Learned - Perspectives from Government, Academia & Industry presented by Manjunath (Amit) P. Pai, PharmD, Associate Professor, Coll of Pharmacy, Univ of Michigan; Dionna Green, MD, FCP, Deputy Director, Office of Pediatric Therapeutics, US Food & Drug Administration and John D. Davis PhD, FCP, MRPharmS, Executive Director & Head, Clinical Pharmacology, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. If you are interested in viewing the On Demand webinar you may do so here. 1 CME or 1 CPE credit
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ACCP Journal Articles to Note
The following Editor's Choice articles are excellent examples that affect patient care.

October 2020 - Editor's Choice Article
Maryam Farasatinasab PharmD, Behnaz Zarei PharmD, Mehdi Moghtadaei MD, Somayyeh Nasiripour PharmD, Nafiseh Ansarinejad MD, Masoumeh Zarei MD
Pages: 1362-1366 | First Published: 10 June 2020

November 2020 - Editor's Choice Article
Linli Fung PharmD, Trina Huynh PharmD, BCPS, Theresa Brush PharmD, BCPS, Kathryn Medders PharmD, PhD, BCPS, Robert El‐Kareh MD, MPH, MS, Charles E. Daniels BS Pharm, PhD
Pages: 1416-1423 | First Published: 13 June 2020

December 2020 - Editor's Choice Article
Amer Al‐Khouja PhD, Kyunghun Park PharmD, Daijha J.C. Anderson PharmD, Caitlyn Young PharmD, Jian Wang PhD, Shiew Mei Huang PhD, Mona Khurana MD, Gilbert J. Burckart PharmD, FCP
Pages: 1551-1560 | First Published: 15 June 2020
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