Update Week of January 7th


Greetings for the New Year!


It's a new year and we have a new Congressional session. Over the past few weeks, American Community Television has been busy updating its databases to include the new members for the 113th Congressional session.


We've already scheduled meetings on Capitol Hill for the next two weeks.  In the last session of Congress, the CAP Act made great strides, with recognition by the leadership of the challenges that face PEG access television operations.  We believe we've laid an excellent foundation for this Congressional session.


The House of Representatives has published its calendar for this session.  You can download it as a pdf or to a Google or Outlook calendar.  It's a handy tool for you to keep track of when your legislator is back in the district.  House Calendar


The Senate has published it's calendar as a pdf Senate CalendarThe dates circled are recess dates.


Another tool that is valuable is the Open Congress tool from the Sunlight Foundation.  With this Droid app you can track legislation, have contact information at your fingertips, follow committee work and know what's going on in both chambers.  See it Here.


A similar app is available for Windows Phone here.  And for IPhone users find your app here.


Your state legislatures are starting up again.  Statenet has published their annual calendar of state legislative sessions. Download the pdf here.


News came to us this week that the City of Knoxville successfully challenged AT&T when they claimed they would not replace encoders that no longer worked at Community Television of Knoxville.  Despite state law saying that AT&T was responsible for the transmission equipment, CTV has been off of Uverse since June.  American Community Television Congratulates the City of Knoxville for Successfully Challenging AT&T .  Thanks to the City of Knoxville Law Department for pursuing this matter.  And thanks to David Vogel of CTV for letting us know.


ACT has been interviewed by publications twice this week. We'll be sure to share those stories once they are published.


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Each week we like to highlight someone who is doing extraordinary work in support of PEG access television.


Our Champion this week is Scott Mealiff of WSCS of Sheboygan for contacting us about the CAP Act DVD's and for running them on the channel!  


If you know of someone or a group that should be recognized for being Champions of PEG, please let us know!

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