Napalm Recording Artist American Head Charge Signs Worldwide Management Deal with Shawn Barusch and Music Gallery International 
For Immediate Release:

Minnesota's metal legends American Head Charge are proud to announce signing a worldwide management deal with Shawn Barusch and Music Gallery International. American Head Charge guitarist Karma Singh Cheema had this to say about the deal, "We are looking forward to the new opportunities Shawn can present to us with MGI. We feel like we finally have the right guy, as far as experience, work ethic and someone who is simply the best fit." 

Shawn Barusch, president of MGI adds, " I met Karma too many years ago to mention, and officially met Cam when another band I managed toured the UK with them about 8-9 years ago. We all got along great! I had already been an AHC fan years before and when I was approached to represent them recently I was like, "HELL YEAH," so I flew to LA and met with them and it was GAME ON! I'm looking forward to doing my best to make them happy about their decision and launching another chapter in music history for AHC!"

American Head Charge's new album Tango Umbrella is out on Napalm Records and has been graced with excellent reviews by the metal press overall. "When you get really close to something, especially art, it's really hard to be objective about it," said Karma. "I was kind of waiting for another wave of disappointment. People didn't really like the Shoot EP at all, for the most part, it seems like. I have been really kind of blown away by the response on Tango Umbrella. It's has received a really good response from the majority of people who listened to this record, even people that hate us (Laughs)."

Look for much more exciting news coming from the American Head Charge and Music Gallery International camps including tours, videos, merch and more!

Watch  Let All the World Believe , AHC's first official video off Tango Umbrella, courtesy of Napalm Records

American Head Charge
is managed by Shawn Barusch and 
Music Gallery International