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Immigration researchers and major opinion leaders

February 16, 2022
Immigrants could help the US labor shortage -- if the government would let them
Nicole Narea, Vox

February 10, 2022
GOP bill highlights Republican rift on immigration
Rafael Bernal & Mike Lillis, The Hill

February 9, 2022
Immigration agency reverses Trump-era changes to its mission statement
Rafael Bernal, The Hill

February 8, 2022
GOP bill would legalize migrants in exchange for border security, E-Verify
Julian Resendiz, Border Report

February 7, 2022
Time to press pause on decades of immigration trench warfare
C. Steward Verdery, Jr., The Hill

February 5, 2022
Amid Slowdown, Immigration Is Driving U.S. Population Growth
Miriam Jordan & Robert Gebeloff, The New York Times

February 3, 2022
Refugees in U.S. struggle to find long-term work
Julie Greco, Cornell Chronicle

January 31, 2022
Immigration Reform in "The America Competes Act" of 2022
Whitney Appel & Douglas Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum

January 31, 2022
State Department Continues to Fight Diversity Visa Immigrants in Court
Stuart Anderson, Forbes

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