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Featuring a selection of recent Op-eds from
Immigration researchers and major opinion leaders

July 22, 2021
How Racist Is America!
David Brooks, The New York Times

July 21, 2021
Why Rural America Needs Immigrants
Robert Leonard & Matt Russell, The New York Times

July 15, 2021
House Immigration Chair Warns U.S. Is Losing Talent to Canada
Stuart Anderson, Forbes

July 13, 2021
Democrats Could Lose the Immigration Debate
Geraldo Cadava, Slate

July 9, 2021
The Skill Level of Immigrants Is Rising
Alex Nowrasteh, CATO at Liberty

July 8, 2021
New Interagency Strategy Details Partnerships, Automation, Outreach to Boost Naturalization
Bridget Johnson, Homeland Security Today

July 7, 2021
The Refugee Consultation Process Is in Serious Need of Reform
Haley Hamblin, Niskanen Center

July 4, 2021
Immigration and the Principles of the Declaration of Independence
Ilya Somin, The Volokh Conspiracy

June 30, 2021
Republicans go all-in on immigration as a political weapon
David Siders, Politico

June 28, 2021
Heart Strings And Purse Strings: Why Washington Can No Longer Delay On Immigration Reform
Andrew Tisch, Forbes

June 23, 2021
The Right and Left Are Both Wrong on Immigration. Here's What We Need
Joel Kotkin, Newsweek

June 22, 2021
Can Biden pass immigration reform? History says it will be tough
Elaine Kamarck, Brookings

June 21, 2021
Suddenly, Biden Is Making All the Right Moves on Immigration
Ruben Navarette, Jr., Daily Beast

June 21, 2021
The dip in the US birthrate isn't a crisis, but the fall in immigration may be
Adrian Raftery, The Conversation

June 17, 2021
Immigration's role in America's labor shortage
Dan Primack & Hope King, Axios

June 15, 2021
U.S. immigration laws need to align with American values
Shova Sivaprasad Wadhia, PennLive

June 3, 2021
The false promises of more immigration enforcement
Nicole Narea, Vox

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