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March, 2020
Research to Inform Policy, Practice, and Advocacy  on Migration-Related Issues
Policy-related reports, studies, and information about the challenge and promise of immigrant integration. Materials organized by collection topic.
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A Message to our Readers
During this period of national and international emergency, the Portal will continue to alert you to the latest research in the broad field of immigration policy.  We are grateful to our partners and team of volunteer contributors for their continuing commitment to this work. We don't know how the current crisis will impact immigration policy in the United States. On the one hand, we may emerge with a greater appreciation for the hard work and dedication of immigrants in vital employment sectors, such as food production and health care.  On the other hand, we may see intensified efforts by populist forces to scapegoat immigrants for the current crisis and to scale back immigration to realize their vision for America. Whoever prevails in the end, we may be on the brink of a new era of both opportunity and constraint.  So long as the research community continues to produce relevant studies addressing current policy issues, we will continue to provide you with information about their insights and conclusions. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the current situation, please do not hesitate to write us at:  We wish you good health and the strength to endure whatever trials remain.
In This Issue

NewResearchNew Public Policy Research and Reports

Civic Participation

Education (Pre-K to 12)

Human Services (Health Care)

Immigrant Communities

Intergroup Relations

National Perspectives/Immigration Policy

Global Perspectives

The Global Perspectives Collection consists of over 100 studies looking at the impact of migration on other countries. Studies in this collection deal with a variety of issues, including the demographic, political, economic, and environmental conditions that trigger migratory flows; efforts on the part of other immigrant-receiving countries to manage migration for specific purposes; and policies and practices to promote immigrant integration.  Some studies examine the political and social conditions that give rise to anti-immigrant populist movements, as well as strategies to weaken or counteract their influence.  Another research theme is the response of the world community and individual governments to the world refugee crisis. Also included in this collection are World Migration Reports published by the International Organization for Migration, migration publications from the OECD, and publications from the Transatlantic Council on Migration.

lcLatest Commentary
A selection of recent Op-eds from immigration researchers and major opinion leaders

March 20, 2020
Trump's 'Chinese' Virus Is Part of a Long History of Blaming Other Countries for Disease
Becky Little, Time

March, 2020
Coronavirus Is Spreading across Borders, But It Is Not a Migration Problem,
Natalia Banulescu-Bogdan, Meghan Benton, & Susan Fratzke, Migration Policy Institute Commentary
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March 18, 2020
2019 Year in Hate,
Southern Poverty Law Center
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March 13, 2020
Xenophobia Puts Us All at Greater Risk of Getting the Coronavirus,
Kevin J. A. Thomas, Center for Migration Studies
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March 12, 2020
The Coronavirus Is Killing Globalization as We Know It
Philippe Legrain, Foreign Policy
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March 5, 2020
The Open Borders Trap
Jason DeParle, The New York Times
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March 4, 2020
Trump's immigration policies will make the coronavirus pandemic worse
Wendy E. Parmet, STAT News
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February 28, 2020
White Supremacy Goes Green
Beth Gardner, The New York Times
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February 23, 2020
Surprise Trump immigration deal would boost US economy
Josh T. Smith, The Hill
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