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March, 2022

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Featuring a selection of recent Op-eds from
Immigration researchers and major opinion leaders

March 16, 2022
How We Can Confront the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Despite Our Flawed Immigration System
Matthew La Corte, Niskanen Center

March 8, 2022
We Should Welcome Ukrainian Refugees. And Russians, Too
Ilya Somin, The New York Times

March 7, 2022
The Decline in U.S. Net Migration
Tara Watson, The Econofact Network

March 4, 2022
How U.S. Visa Delays Are Taking a Costly Toll on Frustrated Workers
Allison McNeely, Bloomberg

March 3, 2022
Exclusive: Koch groups launch ad campaign to promote immigration reform
Rafael Bernal, The Hill

February 25, 2022
Systemic racism is rooted in immigration laws - it can no longer be ignored
Kevin R. Johnson & Karla McKanders, The Hill

February 24, 2022
President Biden, tear down those walls and let immigrants take jobs in high demand
Dany Bahar, Brookings Blog

February 24, 2022
Black immigrants are more likely to be denied US citizenship than White immigrants, study finds
Giselle Rhoden & Nicole Chavez, CNN

February 15, 2022
Immigrant Labor Holds the Key to Whether Americans Can Age at Home
Joshua Rodriguez, Niskanen Center Commentary

February 15, 2022
Grassroots groups 'dismayed by lack of leadership' from Hispanic Caucus on Immigration
Rafael Bernal, The Hill

February 1, 2022
Congress, not Biden, should be held accountable for immigration reform
Kevin R. Johnson, The Hill

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