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Sometime mid-2016, a letter appeared in the nationally syndicated Animal Doctor column in numerous newspapers across the country, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, authored by the vice president of public relations for the American Kennel Club (AKC).  This letter was an attempt to convince the column's editor, veterinarian Dr. Michael Fox, and the public, that the AKC actually cares about the humane treatment of dogs.  The letter boasted of AKC's inspection program of dog breeders to ensure humane care and publicized the fact that AKC has a legislation department that advocates for the welfare of dogs.

The Alliance quickly responded with a letter of our own pointing out that the AKC inspection program is a sham as the AKC standards of care are abysmal and breeders are given advance notice of AKC inspections.  We also pointed out that AKC consistently opposes all animal welfare legislation.  We even exposed the fact that AKC dog shows are subsidized by registration fees from puppy mills.

Not surprisingly, AKC took offense at our letter and responded with half-truths and more propaganda.  The AKC took particular offense to our allegation that AKC sponsored dog shows are financed on the backs of puppy mill dogs through AKC registration fees.  Fortunately, the Animal Doctor column allowed us to respond and set the record straight.  We quoted a prior admission by the president of the AKC that registration fees do, in fact, support dog shows.  We also cited communications from AKC's Vice President of Marketing addressed to the commercial dog breeding industry boasting that one of the purposes of AKC dog shows is to help commercial breeders sell puppy mill dogs.

To see the exchange of letters between AKC - Dr. Fox - Alliance, click on the link below:

AKC dog shows financed by the cruelty of puppy mills.

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