Volume 05 - Issue 10 | October 2020
The American Legion Newsletter - Ira Weaver Post 121
Celebration of the Post’s 100th Anniversary
PO Box 247, Blairsville GA 30512

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COMMANDER'S CALL - Dan Wickersham, Cdr.
With just a few months of experience under my belt there is still much to learn, however, one begins to make observations and form opinions about people and things within the Post. It is obvious there are varying degrees of effort from the membership but everyone has something to contribute and each of us are valuable to the organization.

It is never easy for any of us to take on additional responsibility when life has its own challenges such as this pandemic. Never, at least in my lifetime, has there been more need to bring people together for a common cause than these present days. The values and the common good of these United States are being threatened. There are those who would destroy our way of life through any means with the intent to tear apart the republic as we know it. Our history is being altered by misrepresenting those brave souls, leaders and founding fathers of this nation. In some cases, our educational system is brainwashing our young adults by editing American History. Our millennials and younger generation are being taught that this country is not one in which to be proud. 

Our news system has lost the integrity and character it once had. It seems the only objective is to sell news, regardless of the harm to others and a subject’s validity. The goal of “fake news”, a term coined during this present government administration, is to undermine those with differing opinions. The unfortunate part is the lack of accountability and or penalties for those who knowingly lie. 

We have all made mistakes and our young country as a whole is no exception. This government is the source of many atrocities; however, for the most part, there has been accountability, compensation and apologies, arguably not enough but at least there has been some effort to make things right. Unfortunately, doing the right thing may not have any bearing on the act or harmful rhetoric of many in our midst. The basis of this society and this country was based on a faith in God and the principles we learned as righteous people. We will always make mistakes but if we learn from those mistakes, would not one believe that we are a better people because of those lessons learned? One would think so but as there is a progressive movement towards socialism and the total failure of that style of government. Nonetheless, there is a growing interest in that direction.

You are part of the American Legion which is one of those entities that is reaching out to the community, veterans and their respective families. It is so important that we each, in our own way, do our part. The foundation of the American Legion is good and based on principles of “what is right”. 

In conclusion, let us stick to our roots and remember that America and the American Legion are founded on the principles of our founding fathers and their religious faith and belief in God. Do your part!

Walk, run, bike or ride 100 miles

You can begin your journey by going to www.legion.org/100miles and get started by registering at Emblem Sales

I am proud to say that Debbie (my wife) and I have reached our initial goal of 100 miles in support of the 100 Miles for Hope. We each did our own thing where she “walked” and I “rode” my bicycle. You may remember from last month’s newsletter; it is a 100-mile journey in support of our nation’s veterans and children. This was created to help drive resources toward our Veterans and Children Foundation, formerly known as the American Legion Endowment Fund. The challenge culminates on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2020. I encourage you to do something for yourself (and others) and take part in this worthwhile cause.


On Saturday, September, 19, 2020, Marcus Tuschel, Dick Cataldo, Jim Reed and myself took part in a presentation to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) at the Blairsville Senior Citizen’s pavilion. The topic was the American Flag where we showed a couple of video clips and demonstrated “folding the flag”. Ms. Pam Matthews, the DAR President sent us this note:

Thank you again for your support for our September DAR meeting and please thank your associates who participated with you. I received wonderful feedback and reactions to your presentation and especially the video that you shared.
Is there an URL link to the video? We would like to publish the link, if available, in our upcoming newsletter article about the September meeting. 
Also, I plan to have an agenda item at our October board meeting to begin discussions around collaboration opportunities with your group – especially with Wreaths Across America –
I am sure we will be back in contact with each other

  • The American Legion was founded in March 1919 in Paris, France, by U.S. World War I military personnel stationed there who were dedicated to four pillars of service and advocacy: veterans, military personnel, youth and patriotic values.
  • The American Legion today consists of 55 “departments” in each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, France, Mexico, the Philippines and Puerto Rico. There are approximately 13,000 local posts worldwide.
  • Current national membership is about 2 million. Combined with the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion, membership in what is known as the American Legion Family exceeds 3 million.
  • American Legion membership eligibility has recently been expanded to include all military personnel and veterans who have served their nation on active duty.
  • The Legion has been instrumental in the creation of a number of major institutions of American society, including formation of the Department of Veterans Affairs, creation of U.S. Flag Code, passage of the GI Bill and more.


Every Year the American Legion Posts:

  • Donate more than 3.7 million hours of volunteer service in their communities
  • Provide assistance on more than 181,000 VA benefits claims and cases
  • Donate more than 80,000 pints of blood to collection centers nationwide, which makes the Legion the nation’s single largest blood donor
  • Awards more than 8,000 medals to Junior ROTC students
  • Sponsors more than 2,500 Scouting units serving more than 64,000 young people
  • Awards more than $4 million in college scholarships The American Legion is marking its 100th anniversary with a 15-month celebration running from the national convention in August 2018 through Veterans Day 2019.
Sr. Vice commander's Note - Jim Reed

* Talk to fellow Veterans and invite them to come and share in this opportunity*

Ms. Michele Ladd with be in Blairsville, GA. as a guest of the American Legion Post 121 from November 7th – November 12th. She will be joining us for the 3rd Annual Salute to Veterans Car Show & Auction on November 7th at the Farmers Market and will have her RV at the Vets Building on November 11th
Michele and Randy are headed your way and would love to visit.
For More Information: http://nationalveteranresources.com

A Rochester Couple is traveling the country in an RV wrapped in the American Flag raising awareness to PTSD, Mental Health and Suicide in our Veterans & Active Duty Military. The Hero Mobile is heading your way.

The Hero Mobile is a traveling tribute to America’s heroes. The RV is a 32 FT show piece. It is wrapped with the American Flag with portraits of Veterans in the different war eras to show support to those who have served our country and communities. Michele Ladd is the Founder of National Veteran Resources, a 501 (3) c non for profit, committed to helping Veterans and their families get an education on PTSD, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Michele and Randy (A Navy Veteran and American Legion member) travel the country on a mission.

The mission: To help Active Duty Service Members, Veterans and their families learn the signs of PTSD and Suicidal Thoughts and to find the local resources to help.

Desired Outcome: This must be a community outreach. Our desire is to visit American Legions and VFW’s to host informal meetings to teach and educate the community on how to help their Veterans. The visits include outreach and assistance from the Veterans Service Agencies, Post Members, Auxiliary, Chamber of Commerce, Family Readiness, Chaplains, Veteran Organizations, and more local concerned citizens to show their support.

Michele’s mission: My mission is to stop at every American Legion, VFW Post and State Headquarters to share my experience and to bring the community together to help more Veterans. My tours around the country are called “Operation 22 to ZERO”. We all know what the 22 stands for and we all need to do so much more to stop this epidemic. I have traveled for 3 years with more than 75,000 miles to assist. National Veteran Resources has helped hundreds of Service Members, Veterans, and their families with much needed resources. I have visited many more than 40 American Legions and VFW’s around the country, and we will not quit until the suicide epidemic is down to ZERO lives lost.

For more information here are a few media TV and News Reports:

Northumberland, PA:

Columbia, SC News:

Rochester, NY News:

Louisville, KY

Paducah, KY News:

Here are a few interviews Michele shares in her Veteran and First Responder vlogging Library:
https://youtu.be/J7m_jS_afbs : A Vietnam Veteran War hero
https://youtu.be/O-5MChe598s : A female Veteran with Military Sexual Trauma
https://youtu.be/-gIUytDHY20 : A Firefighter/ Veteran with a compelling story
https://youtu.be/OrEb2GCsVlE : A Disabled Veteran and friend
Hey, soldier ! You're out of uniform !

Name tags are now available. Look for the brown accordion folder, grab your tag, and wear it proudly at the meeting. Perhaps someone does not know your name - or you theirs.

For each of you are members of the prestigious American Legion, what you wear is a privilege granted by your individual constitutional right for which you fought. I am proud to wear the suggested clothing that distinguishes each of us, that 1% of all Americans, who sacrificed as military service members and now as American Legionnaires.  

We are fortunate to have Coosa Creek as a local vendor who has the American Legion shirts and ball caps at a very competitive price.  

- Red Shirts/Blouse with logos    men's shirt prices are approximately $21 with tax 
- Brushed Cotton Hook-and Loop Embroidery ball caps    either $13 or $16 depending on extra wording

Phone: 706-745-5535.....ask for Nancy   nancy@coosacreek.com   
Located off of Old Factory Rd and Beasley Street , ear the road to the Sheriff's Office
Jr. Vice Commander's Note - Dick Cataldo

No October Submission
2nd Jr. Vice commander's Notes - Ryan Rogers

No October Submission
Finance Officer's Notes - Ron Tanner (Temporary)

Shared responsibility of $ 200.00 for Veterans Dinner and support of Michele Ladd's visit for Veterans Day activities.
Judge Advocate/Adjutant Notes - Roy Bateman

Here is our total paid for 2021. We have a total of 116 paid. We still have 60 members who have not paid. So if you haven't reenlisted, now is the time to count on your membership.

September 15, 2020
Commander Wickersham opened the meeting at 18:30 hours.
Advancement of the colors by the Sgt of Arms and Vice-Commander.
Chaplain: Chaplin Gatlin led in prayer.
POW/MIA flag displayed.
Pledge of Allegiance and reciting of the Preamble of the American Legion with a video narrating the history of the Star Spangled Banner National Anthem.
Commander declared the meeting convened. A Quorum was present to conduct business.
Introduction of members and guests was deferred.
·       Commander Wickersham: Announced the flag folding ceremony for the Daughters of the American Revolution Saturday, Sept. 19 at 10 am in the Union County Seniors Center. Members are invited to attend. The history and mission of the American Legion will also be presented
There is an opportunity to support the Veteran and Children’s Foundation with a $30 donation for a 100 mile activity. The event goes from Aug. to Nov. 11th. You can sign up on the American Legion National website.
·       Commander Sr. Vice Commander Reed: Appreciated everyone’s efforts to wear American Legion apparel and the badges provided.
Suicide prevention continues to be a challenge for veterans with 22 deaths per day. The Post is sponsoring another visit by Michele Ladd for Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11.
·       Vice Commander Cataldo: Provided information on the Sept. 26 Benghazi/Twin Towers patriotic event. There is a caravan from Hiawassee to Murphy meant for motorcycles, but Past Commander Mike Ayers noted cars are also welcome. The Post will have a tent setup and the display motorcycle to promote the American Legion and Post. Those helping in the tent should meet in Murphy at the Hotspot gas station (across from where 129 Ts) around 9:30 am.
The flag disposal boxes now have stickers on them to contact the Post for new flags. The Post has a good supply of flags, so please make every effort to promote the program.
The Post will support the Auxiliary’s Poppies program as an American Legion activity. Volunteers are needed as events are confirmed. Although normally a Memorial Day event consideration is being given to hold something on Veteran’s Day this year.
·       Adjutant Bateman: Although the Adjutant was absent the Commander noted 114 paid members to date. The goal for the Post is 115. Please continue to carry and handout membership applications.
·       Finance Officer Tanner: See report attached (Treasurer Tanner said he would forward it to the Adjutant as usual).
Gave a report on Wreaths Across America. The Post has gotten permission from WAA to include Holly Hills a local veteran’s cemetery in Blairsville. The North Georgia Honor Guard has been performing ceremonies there since its creation. It is a non-profit family organization that oversees the mainly cremated remains of local servicemembers. Promotional materials are being printed to promote this effort and the Canton, GA National Cemetery. Wreaths can be purchased online.
·      Service Officer Spaulding: Reported he has retired from his Veteran’s Administration job but will work to stay informed on issues for the Post. His assistant, Eddie Fontaine, is working as his replacement.
He read a recent article about VA Secretary Wilkie honoring President Lincoln’s second inaugural address giving the VA its mission. Efforts will be made to include the release in local releases.
·       Chaplain Gatlin: Continuing to stay in contact with veterans in the local nursing homes. A new Chaplin is still being sought for the Post.
·       Riders and SAL: No Report
·       Public Relations Yohe: The Post activity report was handed out to start determining which areas the Post members might want to pursue. Also use it to keep track of members time and contributions for annual report.
New Business: None
Closing Ceremony: retiring of the colors and Chaplin Gatlin led in a closing prayer.
There being no further business to come before the Post the meeting was adjourned at 19:43 hours.

Jim Yohe
For Adjutant Bateman
Chaplain's Corner - Janice Walters (Auxiliary)

• 1 Corinthians 12:14•

“For the body is not one member, but many.”

The people that are the whole of humanity (or part of a membership organization), are a team. The body is not supported by one person, but by all, strongest working together in unity. Teamwork is the key to living life in harmony. In essence, this is the simplest and clearest statement about teamwork in the Bible. We are one, we are strongest working together. 

Please consider your membership an obligation to service - and say YES !
Post Services Officer's Notes - Eddie Fontaine

No October Submission
Public Relations Officer's Notes - Jim and Judy Yohe
Wreaths Across America submitted to newspapers
Historian's Notes - Jack Payne resigned. Position open and available.
Event Coordinator's Notes - JW Preston

Please see insert on Wreaths Across America.

Our Next scheduled event is the Veteran’s Cruise-in at the Farmer’s Market on November 7. We are looking for members who would like to meet a lot of friendly people and spread the word about The American Legion families while taking turns at the American Legion booth. You can let us know if you can spare the time by sending an email to: alpost121@gmail.com, with “Cruise-in” the subject line.

The American Legion Auxiliary has made arrangements to have a Meatball Sub booth and cupcake at the event, proceeds to support the VSOs.
Flag Program Chairman's Notes - Don Sullivan
All things taken into perspective, our 2nd Vice had a good report for flag sales, of course we need to have more. Maybe if we had more exposure in the newspaper we may have more inquiries. With our events being cancelled this year it's hard to get the funds we need to give back to our community, the scholarship program being one of the largest that will go unfunded. Perhaps some of our members who want to help, could perhaps donate to that, only if it were just a third of what we have given to scholarship fund in the past. Hope all are doing well and my best to all.


New flags are for sale for $20.00.
Wreath Sponsorship
Ira Weaver Post 121 - American Legion
Ira Weaver American Legion Post 121 Sponsors
Holly Hill Veterans Park Cemetery

The national nonprofit Wreaths Across America (WAA) has announced that Holly Hill Veterans Park Cemetery in Blairsville, GA will join in the effort to support its mission to Remember, Honor and Teach, as an official location for 2020. The cemetery will join the more than 2,100 participating locations across the country on Dec. 19, 2020.

“Our goal is to raise enough funds to place wreaths on the 75 headstones of all the local heroes laid to rest at Holly Hill Cemetery,” explained Ron Tanner, Post 121 chair for the WAA project. “We want to ensure that those who served to protect the freedoms of our country will never be forgotten by their neighbors and friends.”

Holly Hill is a non-profit cemetery at 130 Ford Mountain Road. The headstones mark mainly cremated remains of local servicemembers. The Post also sponsors wreaths at the National Veterans Cemetery in Canton, Ga. According to Tanner.

Those interested in sponsoring $15 wreaths can do so online at:
for the National Veterans Cemetery https://wreathsacrossamerica.org/pages/150218
Anyone interested in volunteering for Wreaths Across America are invited to visit: www.legionpost121.org

National Wreaths Across America Day is a free, non-political, community event open to all people. WAA started as a simple gesture of thanks that has grown into a national movement of dedicated volunteers and communities coming together to not only remember the nation’s fallen and honor their service, but to teach the next generation about the sacrifices made for us to live freely.

For more information contact Ron Tanner at 706-400-9452 or iwpost121@gmail.com .

In its ten-year history, the Missing in America Project volunteers have visited over 2,000 funeral homes, locating over 15,000 unclaimed cremated remains of which nearly 3,500 were Veterans and eligible dependents.

Without these hard-working volunteers, the Veterans cremains would languish on shelves in funeral homes and crematoriums for who knows how long. For more information, please check the Website: MIAP.US

Missing In America Project
The purpose of the MIA Project is to locate, identify and inter the unclaimed cremated remains of American veterans through the joint efforts of private, state and federal organizations. To provide honor and respect to those who have served this country by securing a final resting place for these forgotten heroes.

The Missing in America Veterans Recovery Program (MIAP) (EIN: 20-8408832) is a Federal recognized Non-Profit Veterans Organization for the identification, location, verification, and movement of Veterans and their Dependents.
The EIGHTH in a 10 part series on interpretation of the Preamble will appear in the next edition of the Patriot.
American Legion Auxiliary

The Auxiliary was represented at the Benghazi bike ride and collected donations for beverages and poppies. We hope to be a larger part of the event next year.

On Sunday, Oct 27, The Auxiliary opened the Leon Davenport Vet Center for a Gold Star White Star event. Hosted by Prez/Chaplain Janice and Secretary, Darlene, was the first annual remembrance. The week prior, there was also a ceremony for POW/MIA, also slated to be an annual event.

November 11th Veteran's day dinner is still on, and it will be a take out meal delivered from the Veterans' Center Building from 4-7 pm. The menu is Baked Italian Casserole, Salad, Green Beans, and Dessert. There will be limited seating to eat in if desired. Please use the coupon below to exchange for your free meal.

AND . . .


The ladies of the Auxiliary have been discussing how underutilized the Vet Center is. We are looking at expanding hours of operation, starting in January, to open the center to veterans who would like to, or need to, have some fellowship, a mentor, a bite of lunch, a massage, a haircut, destress with yoga, etc. If you have a skill that you would consider donating a couple of hours a week/month, or would just like to sit and chew the fat, please contact any member of the auxiliary to get put on our contact list so we may incorporate you into the service schedule. We are referred to Item # 10 in the preamble to the constitution of the American Legion Constitution "To consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness" Join us - Say YES!


The Legion and Auxiliary will be taking advantage of weekend holidays throughout the rest of the year to fund raise by handing out Poppies in Blairsville. Please contact Janice (Aux Prez/Chaplain to coordinate your participation.) If we all do a little it, we can amass a lot.
American Legion Riders
No October Submissions
Sons of the American Legion
If you know of someone who is qualified, ask them if want to be part of the American Legion family.

Eligibility Requirements
All male descendants, adopted sons and stepsons of members of The American Legion, and such male descendants of veterans who died in service during World War I or since December 7, 1941, during the delimiting periods set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of the National Constitution of The American Legion or who died subsequent to their honorable discharge from such service, shall be eligible for membership in the Sons of The American Legion. There shall be no form or class of membership except an active membership. 

For a membership application, send an email to: alpost121@gmail.com, with SAL App in the subject line - or come on third Tuesday night to the Vet Center and ask for JW Preston.
North Georgia Honor Guard

Volunteers Needed - Please contact
Bill Stodgill, Cdr, Western Division -

Wayne Roshaven, Cdr, Eastern Division -


The Sergeant-Major growled at the young soldier: "I didn’t see you at camouflage training this morning."

"Thank you very much, sir.", said the soldier.


I was a young Lieutenant stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. I lived off base and every day came into the barracks where at one end there was about a 10ft by 15ft area walled off with lockers for Officers and NCOs to change from civvies to uniforms of the day. There was bench down the center to sit on. One day there were several of us in various stages of dressing when a Staff Sgt. let loose with an enormous FART! At that same moment a Gunnery Sgt walks in and looks at the Staff Sgt and, without hesitation, says(and I quote) "DON'T SIT THERE GROWLING AT ME BOY, SPEAK UP" THE LAUGHTER DIDN'T STOP FOR 10 MINUTES!!


During training exercises, the Lieutenant who was driving down a muddy back road encountered another car stuck in the mud with a red-faced Colonel at the wheel.
"Your car stuck, sir?" asked the Lieutenant as he pulled alongside. "Nope," replied the colonel, coming over and handing him the keys. "Yours is."


A Drill Sergeant had just chewed out one of his cadets, and as he was walking away, he turned to the cadet and said: "I guess when I die you'll come and dance on my grave."

The cadet replied: "Not me, Sarge…no sir! "I promised myself that when I got out of the Army I'd never stand in another line."


Red Shirt Friday - Wear a red shirt every Friday in support of service men and women.

08 - SAL and ALR Meeting
12 - Columbus Day
13 - US Navy Birthday
18 - Military world Games (through the 28th)
19 - VSO Commander's Meeting - 9am
20 - Regular Meeting Legion and Auxiliary - 6:30 pm
26 - Day of the Deployed - A day set aside to honor all of the brave men and woman who have been deployed and are sacrificing, or have sacrificed, their lives to fight for our country and acknowledges their families that they are separated from
27 - Navy day
31 - Halloween

01 - USPS deadlines for military Christmas holiday mail
01 - Natl Veterans & Military Family Month - A month to honor and celebrate the contributions and sacrifices of the families of the U.S. Armed Forces
01 - Warrior Care Month
01 - Daylight Savings Time Ends
05 - National Veterans Small Business Week (through 09)
07 - Veteran's Cruise in at the Farmer's Market
08 - Open House at the Veterans Center - Michele Ladd
10 - Marine Corps Birthday
11 - Veteran's Day Dinner Drive Thru 4-7pm - Vet Center Parking Lot
16 - VSO Commander's Meeting - 9am
11 - Veterans Day - The anniversary date of the signing of the armistice which ended the World War I. Also a day set aside to thank military veterans for their service.
11 - Armistice / Remembrance Day - A day set aside to remember those who died or were injured in World War I and other wars
11/11 at 11 - American Legion Auxiliary posting of the SAVAM memorials at the Leon Davenport Veterans Center Flagpoles.
11-11 - Michele Ladd, Veterans Resources will be at the Vet Center
11-11 - VSO join Veteran's dinner 4-7 pm
12 - SAL and ALR Meeting
17 - Regular Meeting Legion and Auxiliary - 6:30 pm
26 - Thanksgiving Day

01 - Civil Air Patrol (USAF Aux) Birthday
05 - Kris Kringle Market (Auxiliary) 10am - 3pm
07 - Pearl Harbor Day - Called "A day which will live in infamy" by Franklin D. Roosevelt - On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
13 - National Guard Birthday
19 - Wreaths Across American - Blairsville's Own Holly Hill Ceremony
28 - Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Assistant / Religious Affairs Specialist.

Name, Position

Dan Wickersham, Cdr
Mike Ayers, Past Cdr
Jim Reed, Sr Vice Cdr
Dick Cataldo, Jr Vice Cdr
Ryan Rogers, 2nd Jr Vice Cdr
Ron Tanner, Temp Finance Ofcr
Roy Bateman, Judge Advocate
Phil Gatlin, Temp Chaplain
Eddie Fontaine, Post Svc Officer
Jim & Judy Yohe, Public Relations
JW Preston, Event Coordinator
Roger Harkins, Sgt at Arms
Don Sullivan, Flag Program Chair
Riders - The Schells
Janice Walters-Taylor - Newsletter




Pray for our brothers and sisters

D Nave fell last week and has one or two broken ribs and a broken bone in left foot. Needs to try and stay off my feet as much as possible.

Rob Taylor, husband of Aux Prez/Chaplain, Janice Walters-Taylor is undergoing chemo treatments for leukemia.
Redeem this coupon for your free Italian dinner, in honor of our nation's veterans, on Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020 from 4-7 pm,

The event will be held at the Veterans Center at the corner of 515 and Old Blue Ridge Hwy, (the old Chamber of Commerce Bldg)

Info - call Janice - 706.745.1854
We thank these businesses for their support of The American Legion Post 121

For Advertising and Sponsorship Information please contact
US Vets Thrift Store
2810 Hwy 64 W
Murphy NC

Old Union Golf Course
78 Scores Point
Blairsville GA 30512

Alexander's Store
4482 Town Creek School Road
Blairsville GA 30512