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Cocktails to Go Bill Signed into Law

Last week, the Senate concurred in a bill, AB 32, that the Assembly had unanimously passed earlier this session, allowing bars and restaurants holding Class B liquor licenses to sell individual glasses or cups of mixed drinks and wine in to-go containers as long as the drinks have a "tamper evident seal." On Friday, Governor Evers signed AB 32 into law as Act 21, which took effect on Sunday, March 28.

Senate Passes Two Bills of Interest to Municipalities

Last week, the Senate passed by voice vote the following two bills of interest to municipalities:

  • SB 56, Allowing remote orders for sale of alcohol beverages. The bill allows most alcohol beverage retailers to make online or telephone sales of alcohol beverages to be picked up by the customer at parking spaces that are part of the retail licensed premises. The League opposes the bill because it also prohibits municipalities from imposing by ordinance additional restrictions on these sales. The Assembly has not yet acted on the bill or its companion, AB 70. Read the League's memo to legislators here.

  • SB 52, Public notice of noncandidacy for incumbent local elected officials. Under the bill, which the League supports, if an incumbent for local office files a notification of noncandidacy or fails to file a declaration of candidacy, the municipal clerk must post that fact on the Internet or in three different locations within the municipality if the municipality does not have an Internet site. The bill has been sent over to the Assembly, which has not yet taken any action on it or its companion, AB 51.

Fiscal Bureau Summary of Governor's 2021-2023 State Budget Proposal Available

Earlier this month the Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a summary of Governor Evers' proposed 2021-2023 state budget.

League Submits Letter to DOR Supporting Holmen's Challenge of Agency's Levy Limit Worksheet Interpretation

Last week, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Realtors Association, and the Wisconsin Builders Association sent a letter to Department of Revenue (DOR) Secretary Peter Barca expressing concerns about DOR staff incorrectly interpreting Wis. Stat. sec. 66.0602(3)(m), a new levy limit law provision allowing cities and villages to increase their allowable levy by $1,000 for each unit of new single-family housing sold that meets certain specified lot size and affordability standards. The three associations urged the Department to reverse its determination in a case involving the Village of Holmen, in which DOR staff concluded that sec. 66.0602(3)(m) only applies to free standing, unattached dwelling units and does not apply to zero lot line dwellings. 
  • Read the Joint Letter to DOR here

  • Read the Village of Holmen's letter here

2021 Redistricting Process and Census Delay

The US Census Bureau adjusted its 2020 operations due to COVID-19 resulting in delays to the Bureau's reporting and publishing of population data necessary to redistrict at the municipal and county levels of government. The population data is usually received no later than April 1, but now is not expected until at least July 31, 2021, and more likely not until August or September. Because of these delays, counties and municipalities are unable to commence the redistricting process within the timeframe required by current Wisconsin law, and, depending on the extent of the delay, counties and municipalities may be unable to complete the redistricting process prior to the December 1 deadline for filing nomination papers for the 2022 spring election.

The Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) reached out to the League about this issue and is proposing legislation adjusting the redistricting timeline. The proposal is currently being drafted for consideration. No bill has been circulated for co-sponsorship or introduced yet.

  • Read the WCA's legal memo on the redistricting process and census delays, here.

  • View a WCA prepared flowchart showing proposed new redistricting dates under consideration, hear.


#TakeYourLeggieToWork for a behind-the-scenes tour of the election process
The upcoming Spring election is your opportunity to show your state legislators how it all works. Invite them to observe the process and help them understand the steps that are taken to secure the election. Since the process of elections has come under a national microscope, this is your chance to help inform and influence the debate on the changes Legislators will be considering. Recommendation! Please check in and work with your Clerk before extending the invitation. Details here. 

Adopt the Shared Revenue Resolution!
Thank you to the cities and villages that have adopted or have added the Shared Revenue Resolution to their agenda for consideration. If your municipality isn’t on the list, it is NOT TOO LATE to take action in support of long-term funding for police, fire, parks, etc. We provide a sample resolution > League Shared Revenue Take Action Plan