Volume 38, Issue 02
February 2021
Hello ASA Friends and Family, 

The American Sailing Association is a large family of dedicated instructors, hard-working school owners, and sailing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe and, this month on the ASA website and our social media platforms, we celebrate our ASA instructors and schools. Over the past year, we have seen many success stories and we feature Modern Sailing School this month. You’ll also find a fun story from ASA founder, Lenny Shabes, of sailing in Central Park as well as Captain Thelma Brooks of Narragansett Sailing’s introduction to the world of sailing. We would love to hear your story. How did you fall in love with sailing or what instructor made a difference in your sailing education?

Tell us about it.
Cindy Shabes, ASA President
Modern Sailing Success Stories 
Modern Sailing School in Sausalito has been in operation since 1983 and has certified hundreds of sailors. Their instructors are regularly showered with praise from new sailors who have learned to sail on San Francisco Bay.
How Did You Fall In Love With Sailing?
What made you a sailor? A great instructor or an intense race? 

ASA Featured Instructors

ASA Featured Instructor: Thelma Brooks
“I love to sail because it pushes me. It pushes me past my unfounded fears… it pushes me to overcome the challenges… It’s helped me realize that I’m capable of a great deal more than I ever thought I was. Sailing teaches me so much about myself and that is the main reason I love to sail.”

ASA Featured Instructor: Paul Barnett
“As a successful racer, I found that my real passion was in developing sailors through education. My other love, my Paramour is Sailing.”
ASA Featured School
Perry Yacht Club is celebrating its 50th year and is the center of sailing life in the region hosting events from youth sailing to large regattas to collegiate events. Home to Perry Yacht Club, Perry Lake is the largest lake in Kansas. 
Where Do You Sail

Sailing in NYC

Sailing in the Florida Keys

Sailing Hawaii

Sailing San Francisco 

You can find more online resources to improve your sailing skills & knowledge on our Sailors Resources page.